Complicated: Chapter 13

             We pulled up to Starbucks and I went to open my door. Instead of letting me, he locked the doors and turned to me. “Erica, why did you say no last time?” Automatically, I know what he’s talking about; last time he asked me out. It had been 2 years since then …


            We were hanging out and Justin suddenly whispered in my ear, “Eri, will you go out with me? Tomorrow at 7 maybe?” and I had made up an excuse about having to study so I couldn’t. However, I knew, and I knew he knew, that I was lying when I said that: I’d finished all of my coursework already at that point.


            Justin broke my train of thought by waving his hand in front of my face. I had forgotten to answer him. “Oh! Honestly, I don’t know. I’m really glad I said yes this time though.” I tell him, smiling.

            “Me too. Come on, let’s go inside.”

            We walked in and went to the table at the back. Starbucks on a Friday night was full of students typically: trying to do all the necessary studying done so they could enjoy the weekend, no doubt. I couldn’t say it was a bad idea or that I’d never done it before: if I’m completely honest about the subject.  Justin slid into the seat next to me before we ordered our coffees. Then Justin spoke. He said, “What’s going on between you and … umm … y’know …him?” I know who he means: Ryan. Why couldn’t he just drop the subject? Did I want him to though? I … don’t know: did I? I mean, I did like to talk about it to Justin so I would guess he’s just trying to make conversation. That’s not normal; not for him. Conversation between us is normally like breathing: easy and natural. I decided something must be wrong, so I asked, “What’s up Justin?”

            “Nothing” He replies all too quickly. I stare at his sceptically before he sighs, indicating that he was about to tell me. “Okay! I … umm … kinda-“

            “Kinda what?”

            “Kinda got told to break your heart during this date” He rushes; obviously hoping I’d mishear him or not understand. The only problem was, I did understand. “By who?” I questioned him.

            “Ryan” He muttered, avoiding eyesight with me. At first, I wasn’t sure if I believed him. I mean, Ryan had said he didn’t know me anymore, so why would he want to hurt me more? I searched Justin’s eyes and saw nothing but truth: Ryan had told him to do that (most likely to make me feel more lonely and isolated).

            “Hey, don’t worry about it. If you’re going to, it’s okay and I guess I understand. Do you want to?” I say, suddenly realising he might actually want to hurt me. My thoughts were broken almost as soon as they were made because he blurted, “Of course not! Erica, I wouldn’t have even shown up tonight if I was planning to do that! I’m not gonna hurt you and I’m glad that’s the case! Did you want me to?” He looked just as insecure as I had felt not long ago. That’s scary: Justin’s never insecure. He’s one of the most confident (and sometimes cocky) people I’ve ever met! I figured he was telling the truth (I mean, he’s never lied to me before, why would he start now?) so I said, “I think this might answer your question” with no emotion.

            Then I leant toward him and pressed my lips to his gently. I instantly felt sparks. This is way more like it should be than it was with Ryan (yes, we used to go out, but that’s another story) last year. I felt him smile through the kiss and I couldn’t help but do the same. I pulled back and said, “Did I make it clear enough for you?”

            “Definitely” He says, still smiling from the kiss. Honestly, I didn’t think anything would ever stop me from smiling after it. Unfortunately, something did.

The End

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