Complicated: Chapter 11

I walked inside and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water before deciding to go upstairs and get ready for tonight. I shut and locked my bedroom door before opening my closet and looking through it for something suitable. A dress, maybe? No, I don’t think so: Justin’s not really a formal person. Shorts and vest top? Yeah that could do. I mean, it’s only March, but I barely ever get cold anyway. I pulled out my black denim shorts and my white vest top along with my black high-tops and black cardigan. I switched my laces on my black shoes with my white laces. I don’t know why though; I guess I just felt like there wasn’t enough white or something. I decided on a tiny amount of foundation along with some black mascara, some black eyeliner and some nude-coloured lip-gloss. I chucked the make-up into my small white handbag, before chucking it over my shoulder and walking down my stairs at 6:50pm: ten minutes before Justin should be here.

            Somehow, I knew I wouldn’t get out of the house without my mum asking me where I was going: I was right.

            “Just where do you think you’re going Erica Alice Johnson?” she asks. I cringe at the use of my full name before replying, “I have a date tonight mum. And don’t worry, you do know the guy: It’s Justin”

            “And when’s he picking you up?” Just as I was about to answer her, a car horn beeped outside: Justin’s. I know the difference because last year, me and Ryan played a prank on him and ‘pimped out’ his horn to make it sound girly. I guess he never got around to changing it. “Now, by the sound of it. Bye, Mum. I won’t be too late: promise.” I gave her a quick peck on the cheek before grabbing my key to the front door and leaving without another word. I walked down to the driveway to find Justin holding open the passenger door for me. Luckily, he had decided to go casual too. He wore a pair of dark jeans with a white polo shirt with the buttons undone. He, like me had high-tops on his feet. However, his were white with black laces: the opposite of mine. I have to say: I liked it, a lot.

The End

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