Complicated: Chapter 10

By the time Justin arrived, I was crying: again. Jeez, I never cry; definitely not this much in a week! As I got in the car, he didn’t say a word. Actually, we didn’t say a word most of the way home. That was, until he stopped the car.

            “Okay, what happened? You’ve been crying again, Eri. You’re worrying us all now. Tell me something! Please?” Justin looked at me with those brown eyes of his, and I just couldn’t bring myself to say no. I told him, “He thought me and Christian were going out”

            “What’s so bad about that? I could’ve made that mistake if you hadn’t come to mine!”

            “That’s not all … he called me a hypocrite!” I started crying again, I couldn’t help it. I let him pull me into his arms and I cried into his chest before he said, “So, you still up for tonight? The date, I mean.” I nodded and sat back up thanking him for holding me just then while I cried.

            To be completely honest, I could’ve stayed like that with him all night. Instead, I forced myself to sit up and say “Of course I’m up for tonight. I need something good to happen today. Now, can you please take me home so I can sort out this” I motioned to my make-up (well, what wasn’t on Justin’s t-shirt) that was now in streaks down my face. He chuckled, bent over and handed me a tissue from the side compartment of the car before handing it to me and driving, in silence, the rest of the way back to mine.

            “Thanks: for everything” I say, as I’m getting out of the car when he pulls into the driveway.

            “No problem. Just keep the tissue” He replies, chuckling. Justin: always the joker. I guess that’s why I said yes to tonight: I love a guy who can make a joke at any moment out of nothing.

The End

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