Complicated: Chapter 9

As I came to the front of the house, my palms were sweating with worry and my tears were dried onto my cheeks from the air that had hit them as I ran. I took a deep breath and raised my hand to knock, before dropping it again. C’mon you chicken, do it! I raised my hand again, before sighing and dropping it. I took another deep breath and raised my hand to knock. Before I managed to, however, the door opened and Ryan stood there staring at me, his expression very much resembling a stone statue. It was good that it had an emotion on it, but I didn’t like that the emotion was clearly hatred: Anger, at the very least.

            “Okay. What did I do? What was with the text; how do you know what happened?” I bombard him with questions immediately, not giving him chance to speak. Instead of standing there outside the door, I walk right past him into the front room on the right: not giving him chance to shut the door on me. This also semi-forced him to answer my questions; which is what I wanted. I pressed on, “Why didn’t you call? Weren’t you worried about me like everyone else?” By now I had backed him up into a corner away from the door and was practically yelling at him.

            He stopped my rant there by yelling back, “Of course I was worried! You have no idea how worried I was! As a matter of fact, I was about to come round to talk to you before I heard you left the house with Christian Parker! I thought it was you who told me I didn’t know Shay well enough to date her! You … you …hypocrite!” I scoffed before retaliating, “You think I’m dating Christian? You don’t know anything, do you?”

            He looked confused, so I continued, “Date him? Date him?! He knocked on my window! What was I supposed to do? Let him fall and break his neck? I let him in and he demanded I told him what happened, so I did. He then dragged me out of the house, and I said can he take me to Justin’s, so that’s what he did! Nothing more happened!”

            “Oh.” He says, looking totally defeated in the subject. “Look, Erica, I’m sorry. Maybe we can meet up later and talk this through to try to sort it out?”

            “I can’t. I have a date.”

            “With who: Christian?” He says slyly; looking smug. It was a mistake coming here, he’s not gonna listen to me. He’s just gonna make stupid, pointless accusations about me. I turned and walked away whilst saying over my shoulder, “No, as a matter of fact. I’m going out with Justin tonight” And, to be honest, I couldn’t wait. It’ll be good to get Ryan out of my mind for an hour or so. I gave Ryan one last death-stare and turned before walking out the house and down the driveway to the side of the road. I took my phone and looked at the time. It was 2:30pm! Had it really been 3 and a half hours since I left school? It sure hadn’t felt like it! I decided to text Justin to ask for a lift home.

            Erica: Hey, do you think you could give me a lift home?

            Justin: Sure, no problem. Where are you? I’ll pick you up.

            Erica: I’m at Ryan’s …

            Justin: What are you doing there?!

            Erica: I’ll explain when you pick me up.

            Justin: Okay, see you in 5 minutes.

            I shut my phone and put it in my pocket while I continued to wait for Justin to pick me up. I jumped when I got a text. My first thought was that it was Justin, saying he’s stuck in traffic or something; so I wasn’t particularly in a rush to read it. I was shocked when I opened it, to see that the text was from Ryan.

            Ryan: I’m sorry; for everything.

            Erica: It’s too late to apologise Ryan. I’m not only over it; I’m over our previous friendship.

The End

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