Complicated: Chapter 7

I wasn’t wrong. As I walked in, I got engulfed in hugs from my mum and brother; along with the questioning I was expecting. They were asking me what had happened and why I had locked myself away (thank God Christian didn’t tell them earlier). I just told them I had had an argument with Ryan and it didn’t matter what about and went upstairs. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow night with Justin.

            I sat down on my bedroom windowsill just as my phone went off. I sighed and stood up to take it out of my pocket. It said “NEW MESSAGE: Justin” so I tapped the symbol that said ‘read’.

            Justin: Hey. I’ll pick you up at 7? We’ll go get a coffee at Starbucks down the road? P.S. Text back.

            Erica: Yeah, 7 at Starbucks sounds good to me! Can’t wait; See you tomorrow morning at school.

The End

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