Complicated: Chapter 4

We walked into the house and went straight upstairs to his room. He flops onto his bed with a depressive-sounding grunt. That was when I really started to worry about Ryan. I hesitate before saying to him “Ry, what’s wrong? I mean, I know you’ve been rejected but you’ve been rejected in the past and it didn’t do this to you then. Ry, I’m worried about you! Talk to me! Please!”

            He sighs, gets up and slowly walks over to the window before blurting, “I really like her! That’s what’s different Eri! That’s what’s done this to me! That’s what’s making me feel like this!” I automatically get up (with tears in my eyes, I will admit), walk up to him and throw my arms around him; pulling him into a hug. He doesn’t resist. Instead, he puts his arms around me and hugs me back before letting go and saying; “Please help me Erica. I need you to help me out. Help me understand how I can prove I’m not just a flirt, please!” By this point he was practically begging. I stopped him in his long speech, which I’m sure would be inspiring, and started talking over him: I knew, if I did that, he would stop. “Ry! Okay, but first, I’m gonna need to know who you’re on about. Otherwise I don’t know how I’m supposed to help!”

            “Okay … it’s Shay” he says, hesitating; clearly unsure of what I was about to say. He obviously, by the look of his face, didn’t expect me to say (well … if you use the word ‘say’ very lightly), “What?! Shay? My ex-best-friend Shay?! Are you crazy?!”

            Ryan does what I did previously; speaks as to stop my speech. He says, shocked (and clearly appalled at what I thought), “No! Of course not! I mean new-girl Shay! Y’know, sweet, funny, kind, giggly Shay: that Shay!” “Well, sorry Ry, I haven’t really spoken to her much, if at all. I don’t really know her that well, and I’m not sure you do either!” I yell back at him. He’s completely mental; he has to be. He doesn’t even know her, no wonder she said no!

            “Well, I want to! Okay? I want to talk to her and know her! Most of all, I wanna be with her! And I’m not too sure anymore that I know you very well either! Now, are you helping me or not?!” He shouts. Behind me, I hear his bedroom door open and (right on cue, may I add) his mum walked in, “Is everything alright?” she asks, clearly worried about our shouting. Ryan replied, tightly “Yeah, brilliant Mum”.

            “Okay, if you say so. Are you staying over tonight, dear?” She says, turning to me. Ryan, once again, says tightly, “No, Mum, she’s not. She was actually just leaving, right Erica?”

            I was truly and completely shocked. We’d never fallen out before but I was so angry at him I replied back, just as tightly, “Yeah, I was. Mum wanted me home tonight. Bye Ms Cross”.  I turned, walked out of the house, and ran home as fast as possible; tears streaming down my face: refusing to stop the whole way.

The End

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