Complicated: Chapter 3

Finally, the last bell of the day rang and we practically (and by practically, I mean we did) ran out of the room and out of the gates.

            As we were walking back to Ryan’s house, it was silent. Uncomfortably so; and I didn’t like it at all. It’s not a good thing if it’s an uncomfortable silence with Ryan Cross. “So…” I started. He repeated what I had just said, so I continued. “What do you think of the new guy then?” I asked, hoping for a positive answer. He shrugged and kicked a rock, his eyes seemingly glued to the floor. Ryan, of all people, should know that shrugging is not an acceptable answer for me, so I asked him again.

            This time he replied, “He’s quite cool actually. I’d actually be shocked if he didn’t turn out to think he was too cool for us lot, to be honest with you”. This was not what I expected; not at all. Ryan’s always optimistic; except when- except when he’s upset! That’s it! Something’s happened and, as his best friend, it’s my job to find out what and help him get it sorted as much as I could.

            I stopped suddenly; pulling his arm back so that he did too. “Okay, what’s up?” I demand. “The sky, Erica” he replied bluntly and with no emotion. Wow, something bad did happened; he always has emotion in his voice. A-l-w-a-y-s! “Ryan! What’s wrong? What happened?”

            As he sighed, hesitating, I realised it really was bad. He’d never hesitated before telling me anything before … so why start now, right? “Okay … well … I got rejected” He finishes in a rush: so much so that I asked him to repeat. “I got rejected, okay?!” He shouts at me. I could’ve sworn I saw water in his eyes. That’s rare: he never cries! Without warning him, I hugged him: hard. He didn’t even resist. I let go of him and took him along the road towards his house: dragging him by his hand.

The End

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