Complicated: Chapter 2

“Hey, guys, Look who came to join us!” I said to them as I was sitting down opposite Ryan, Anna and Hayley. I slid into my usual seat next to Justin with Charlie the other side of him, and motioned for Christian to sit on my left-hand side. “Guys, this is Christian Parker … Christian, this is Ryan, Anna, Hayley, Charlie and Justin” I tell him, motioning to each of them in turn. They exchange their ‘hello’s’ and then, out of the blue, Justin says, “So, what’re the plans for this weekend, you lot?”

            “Well, I have to go to my Grandparent’s this weekend, so I can’t do anything unfortunately” Anna said immediately, looking completely gutted about not being able to do anything with us.

            “How about we go to the movies? I heard that new horror movie’s out tomorrow.” I suggested.  They all started speaking at once, unable to agree on it. Typically, all the boys wanted to see it; Hayley didn’t. I don’t think we could drag her there if we knocked her out, if I’m honest. She’s a complete wimp when it comes to horror movies. I remember last time we made her watch one. She wouldn’t come out of her room for a week: it was so funny! “Sorry Hayley: it seems you’re out-voted.” Charlie says, stifling a laugh. She stands up from her seat while saying, “Then I’ll see you guys Monday … nice to meet you Christian.” She shot a smile in his direction before walking away. I heard him mutter something that sounded, vaguely, like “You too” in a sarcastic tone.

“You two up for it?” Ryan asked us both. “Yeah, definitely!” we answered simultaniously. He nodded his approval, before turning fully to address Christian.

            “So, what’s your back-story?” he asked Christian, “Why are you here?”

            “Ummmm … well …” He started. He looked uncomfortable. Just as I was about to say that he doesn’t need to say anything if he doesn’t want to, and before I told Ryan to not be so rude; he continued, “Ok … I moved here because my parents split up and my mum decided to move here” He told us all about how his dad was a drunk, and was never at home, and how he’d been known to hit Christian and his mother on several occasions. And I thought I had family issues! After he had finished; there was an awkward silence.

            Ryan broke the silence finally with, “Sorry, man, we just like to know the back-story of each other here. Before you ask, we’ve all lived here all of our lives but … well … I’ll save you the family details ‘cause they’re pretty boring” he says; avoiding my eyes whilst speaking. Ry’s the only one who knew about me and my mum always arguing: I daren’t tell the others at the moment. To be honest, I’d rather not tell them at all. I mean, I only told Ryan because he walked in on one of the many arguments that took place last month. I had begged him to not tell the others unless they needed to know, and, eventually, he had given in and promised me he wouldn’t say a word about it to anyone unless it was critical that they know.

            I decided to save Christian from the pressure and take him for a tour of the school, so I said to him, “Hey, Christian, you want me to take you for a tour of the school?”

            “Ummmm … yeah … cheers” he said; visibly relieved to have an excuse to leave the table. We stood up and started walking away but I told him to wait a minute and walked back to the table just long enough to mutter to Ryan, “Well done Ry: you’ve managed to make him feel welcome … I think not!” very sarcastically. He replied to me, in a voice that was just as low, “Sorry! I didn’t know that, did I? By the way, are we still up for you coming round tonight?” I nodded and turned to walk back to Christian.

            “How much of the school have you seen then?” I asked him. He told me he’d only seen the geometry classroom that we had had our last class in so I took him everywhere: Science, Maths, English, Drama, Music, Art, Geography; everywhere. “Thanks again” he said to me when we finished seeing the school building.

“What for?” I asked him. He replies, “For rescuing me earlier” Ahh … right. I had forgotten I had done that at the beginning of lunch.

            “Don’t mention it … what’s your next class?” I asked him. I had just realized, I had no idea what classes, apart from geometry, we’d have together. He gave me his time table and I figured out that we had Geometry (obviously), Drama and Music together. Huh, that’s weird; those are the only three lessons that me and Ryan aren’t together in. That’s perfect, actually. I was worried that I’d have to be a loner in those lessons all year! That was also when I decided to skive whenever I found it possible. By ‘whenever I found it possible’ I’m referring to Ry. He never lets me skive; except when I’m upset or angry (he kinda doesn’t get a choice then: I yell at him if he tries to change my mind).

            Just then the bell rang. “So, you’re coming tomorrow; to the movies?” I asked Christian. He said he’d be there so I told him, “Give me your number; we’ll meet up sometime. Plus, if you’re hanging out with us lot, you’re gonna need all our numbers”. We exchanged phone numbers and then he went off to History and I went to find Ryan and prepared to go to English: the last lesson of the day (thank God!).

            “Hey Ry” I said, sliding into the seat next to him, once again at the back of the room. He replied with his typical grunt. I guessed that was because he really needs to focus in English. He failed last year’s exam and needs to retake it and pass: his mum threatened to take away his Xbox for two months if not. That sure made him eager to pass!

            To be quite honest, English isn’t exactly my strongest subject either. I sunk lower into my seat and listened to what was being said (pointlessly really as none of it sunk in) by the teacher. She was going on and on about making sentences longer and how that ‘adds detail’ into your writing. Psh, like I needed to. Even though that is what she marked me down for last time … but … still …

The End

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