Hey!! this is new so let me know what u think!! I'm still new to this kind of thing and I have no idea where its going in the long run, I only know about a couple chapters ahead of where I am!! If you notice any things that clash, let me know!! Thanks.<3

            “Hurry up! We’re gonna be late!” my best friend, Ryan Cross, yelled at me from downstairs. God, he is so impatient it’s unbelievable. I swear, one day, I’ll do this to him: get him back for rushing me every morning. He says it’s because I fuss too much about how I look when, supposedly, I don’t need to.

            “I’m coming!” I yelled back while putting on my purple high-tops to go with my white skinny jeans and matching-with-my-high-tops purple hoodie. I looked at me in the mirror before I left; taking in my long, blande hair and my clear, slightly tanned skin. I also noted my perfectly shaped ears (pierced twice at the lobes) and my dark green eyes which held long, curved eyelashes. I looked at my figure; perfect in most people’s eyes. I was slim but had big (ish) boobs and a nicely shaped butt (well, that was what I’d been told, anyway). Most people say I should wear clothes that show off my figure better but I never do; well, barely ever. It’s a completely different story if I’m at a party, of course.

 I grabbed my rucksack and ran down the stairs to meet Ryan. There he was standing 5’ 5” with a pair of dark denim jeans (hanging too low in my opinion) and a loose fitting white t-shirt under a light grey hoodie. He topped off his look today with a pair of white trainers to match his t–shirt I swear that was his favourite outfit to wear to school. His medium brown hair was shaggy and medium length with side-swept bangs towards his right-hand side. He had his back turned to me; texting, as always. I came up behind him and whispered in his ear, “You ready?” before grabbing my keys and leaving without an answer. I knew he was behind me; he always follows me out the door in the mornings. It was almost a routine.

            “Finally!” he joked, “What took you so long? I mean, it’s only school…what’s the point of dressing up and putting on make-up?” he asked me. I simply rolled my eyes before answering him.

            “People judge girls; they don’t judge guys…much. You’re lucky. They only judge you by the fact you flirt a lot.” I told him. He rolled his eyes back at me. I guess what goes around comes around, right? I gladly dropped the conversation which stimulated his curiosity, obviously. I swear, if someone could stop him noticing these things, I would give them everything I own (okay, not literally, but, still).

            “Are you okay, Eri? You look upset.”

            “Yeah…well…me and Mum argued again last night if that’s what you meant.” I reluctantly told him. I knew what his reply would be, even before I told him what I did, and I wasn’t wrong. He replies, “Again? Erica, you know you can always stay with me and my mum for a few weeks if you want, right? Do you need to … we have a spare room?” I shook my head as I pulled into the school parking lot ready for the beginning of our last year. “Thanks, but no thanks Ry.” As we walked into morning registration, we muttered “Oh God” under our breath simultaneously. Our least favourite teacher in the whole school for registration twice a day! We walked straight to the back desk by the radiator (our seats from when we had him for English last year) and started texting.

            Erica: Well, this sucks

            Ryan: Yeah, I know … Hey, what you doing after school?

            Erica: Ummmm … not much. Wanna hang out; Your place?

            Ryan: Sure

            Just then, the teacher said, “You two need to go to your first class now”. “Ummmm … yeah” we muttered as we walked out into the corridor, which was now empty as we were going to be late for our first lesson. “What’s first Ry?” I asked him.

            “Science” he replied and walked to the right: towards Science. “Can’t we just, like, not go to Science? Skive or something, maybe? Please Ryan!” I groaned and followed him reluctantly. Science and I do not mix; not at all.

            Once again we walked straight to the back of the room and slouched back in the chairs we had sat in, before we passed notes across to each other as the lights were off and the teacher would see the lights of our phones if we texted each other instead. First Ryan wrote ‘Did you know there’s a new guy in our year?’ I wrote back ‘No. when did you hear this?’ He replies ‘tell you next lesson, ok?’ Instead of writing back, I nodded a reply to what he had written; before I tried to focus; emphasis on ‘trying’. In other words I need to, but don’t normally, and fail for exactly that reason.

            “Erica? Eri? ERICA!”

            “What?” I mumbled. “Did I fall asleep or something?” I asked Ryan as I realised I was still sat at the desk in an empty Science classroom with no-one but Ryan and a teacher who hates me. “Yeah, you did” he said, laughing at me.

            Oops: I didn’t mean to fall asleep. Now the teacher will really hate me. He’ll also remember me as ‘the girl who fell asleep in his lesson’ “Can we, like, go now?” I asked Ryan; watching as he nodded before I walked to Music class alone.

            Music and Drama were okay. Really, they were. As a matter of fact, they were as fun as school could be (if you don’t count the fact I didn’t have Ryan there,andI was like a loner). Despite this, I knew my good mood was about to come to an end; Geometry’s was my next lesson of the day. I didn’t have Ryan in there either. Great; I hadn’t even been told about that new guy Ryan promised to tell me about … and its 3 hours later! This is what kept my mind busy on the way to geometry class.

            I walked in and sat at what was my desk last year. Nobody ever changed seats; especially when you have the same teacher two years in a row. I was about to switch off entirely (as I always did in Geometry) but, then I heard something: the teacher was saying my name. I looked up to see him talking to a guy I didn’t recognize. So, this must be the ‘newguy’ Ryan was talking about earlier. Huh; tall, maybe 5’8”, tanned skin, perfect complexion, dark hair that was side swept, much like Ryan’s if I’m honest, clearly very muscular as he was wearing a tight black top (which I must say, workedverywell for him with his tan and what must be at least a six-pack) and dark blue skinny-fit jeans which hung low on his hips with black supra high-top sneakers. If only I could see his face. Unfortunately, he was turned away from me currently; talking to the teacher. All of a sudden I realized why I had heard my name: the teacher was volunteering me for the new guy to sit next to: this could be interesting. Very interesting indeed.

            “Hey” he says to me in a deep voice, sitting down in the chair next to me. “Umm … uh … hi” I reply. God: I’m stupid! A hot guy sits next to me and speaks to me and all I can say is ‘umm … uh … hi’?! Come on, Erica; say something useful!

            “I’m Erica. Erica Johnson. You’re welcome to … umm … hang … with us … y’know … if you wanted to …” God that was even worse than before! I’m just embarrassing myself now: I would be better off saying ‘umm … uh … hi’ again! He’s never gonna want to talk to me again after this! I’ve just lost my chance of him ever paying any attention to me aga-

            He interrupts my inner-babbling by talking again and filling my ears with music, (wait, what am I saying? I barely even know him!) “I’m Christian. Christian Parker: and sure, I’d love to. That is, if your friends don’t mind” I forced myself not to laugh at his statement. I mean, Ryan: care about the cool new kid chillin’ with us: Never gonna happen! “Don’t worry,” I told him, trying not to laugh out loud but failing miserably, “I don’t think you have to worry about them. They’ll be happy you want to. In fact, if I hadn’t have asked, they would probably have yelled at me for not asking.” We both laughed until the teacher glared at us. Honestly, he’s not a bad person in general. He’s actually really down to earth despite him being incredibly gorgeous! I actually thought, with his looks and all, he’d be up himself and didn’t want to speak to me at all! Wow, I was wrong.

            The bell rang for lunch onevery longhour later, and we left to go find Ryan, Justin, Charlie, Anna and Hayley: the ‘crew’ as we say. We’d been friends as long as we couldn’t imagine Ryan and I had. The rest, however, we’d met four years ago at the start of high school. We’d been best friends ever since we had all chosen to sit at the table furthest away from the British versions of typical jocks and cheerleaders. All self-loving and kind of like I’d expected Christian, to be if I’m totally honest about it.

The End

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