Northwest Holly Complex is home to three very different teenagers that find themselves intertwined in each other's lives when they meet Randi, their new neighbour.

Northwest Holly is made of cement and grass. It's manicured, well-kept, and as close to the suburbs as a complex can get. Today, Randi Fox moved in to the house across the way. Her long, flowing light blond hair gives you the impression of a material girl. Her blue eyes make you think of a mean prom queen. Her shaved legs, her fashion magazines, and her makeup kit make her look like something she isn't. Randi needs to be noticed. Randi has a drug problem. Randi's parents aren't happy. Randi's older sister is dead. But we don't know these things yet. We'll only find out when she takes us into the forest. When she climbs to the top of the trees. When she lets her wall down and tells us her secrets. When she strips naked and laughs and tells us it's nothing. That we should do it too. That you live, then you die. That we should have more fun. That we should follow her. 

The End

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