I lay there, listening to the storm, tracing the words on the box with my fingertips. It ceased to hurt after enough repetitions, and I had ceased to care. I had hoped the pain would spur my brain on, to give me answers, a theory, anything. Anything would be better than not knowing. But still nothing. Lightening forked across the sky, lighting up the wall and making my eyes water. Another bolt turned the floor silver. Another, another... How were there so many bolts? My eyes were streaming by this point, and I swung to my feet, to grab something to wipe my eyes. It felt like something was trapped in there. One eye felt unbearably hot, and the tears burned as they fell, as if shed in rage. The other, bitterly cold. An icy wind pulling frigid tears.

I grabbed a tissue and looked in the mirror. My knees gave out, and I had to clutch the sink to avoid passing out entirely. My eyes had changed, entirely. One silver, one gold.  I still had no idea what was happening to me, and it was changing me, turning me into a freak, a monster. How could I face anyone like this? They weren't natural, and no contact company in the world made lenses this colour. I couldn't lie my way out of this one, or cover it with clothes. I was trapped.

The End

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