A rash decision

"Oh mother please let me!" I was down on my knees pleading to go see the philosopher who might make sense of this strange thing. Alas, my mother was looking down and saw no reason for me to go gallivanting across the country to go bother some man. It could be damaging to my reputation. 
"In accordance to society it would be wrong for a young girl to go visit a man of elderly years, you could ruin your prospects!" My lady mother was pacing up and down and frustration with my impertinence. "Then let someone go with me" I nearly shriek. With that my mother whipped round to face me. Her face was as hard as iron and spoke in a low tone, "You are not going." 

She trounced out the room and left me there with my thoughts. What am I to do? I need to see this guy and get his opinion. There was only one solution that sprang to my seemingly dull mind that was battered by my argument. It wasn't the most rash decision I'd ever made. Running towards my room, checking to make sure I didn't get caught with remarks such as unladylike or why such a rush I packed my small leather hand bag with fresh clothes and some food. 
I hid it then under my bed and waited for the dead of night. 

Checking to make sure everything was clear I went to the stable saddled Isabelle my horse, her pure white coat glimmering in the darkness. I hitched myself up and rode to London society.

The End

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