I spent the day in college tracing the words on my stomach with a fingernail as I worked, trying to remove the blackened skin which threatened to be visible through my t-shirt. My mood was not elevated by some idiot treading on the foot minus toenails in the corridors, forcing me to bite my tongue. How would I explain having no toenails on one foot to a nurse?

In the last lesson of the day, I was sat trying to subtly pull my sock off of my toes without arousing the teacher's suspicion when my vision jumped and flickered.  I screwed up my eyes, putting it down to tiredness. When I opened them, a girl was sat on the desk beside me, talking to thin air, it seemed. Nobody else had reacted. She wasn't anyone from the class, yet, I recognised her. She was dressed as if she'd wandered in from a historical open day at a castle or something, with long, flowing skirts and laced boots. She moved to push a strand of hair back from her face and I saw lettering. The same lettering as on my stomach. How was this even possible? I must be dreaming. Nobody wears such outdated things to college! You'd be mocked for sure! As I watched, she jumped off the table, as if with joy, and a key fell from the neckline of her dress, held with a chain.  She had the key to my box! I could feel it shifting in my bag against my leg, as if drawn to its other half.  I stood to ask her where she'd got the key, and she vanished, leaving me stood up in the middle of the lecture with an entire class watching me.

I walked home, puzzling over the girl and the key. How could I see her? Was she even real? And the nagging question at the back of my mind.. was she even someone I could trust? She could be the reason I was branded, limping and declared insane by my classmates for babbling about a girl and a key in the middle of a lecture on the Romans. I hid the box inside my safe, locking it tightly and hiding the key on my necklace as I saw the ghost girl do. They'd have to kill me to get to it, girl or no girl.

The End

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