A mess and a muddle

My dreams shift into view. A boy? Or a girl dressed as one? I can not be too sure, as they scramble over the place. As if they are hiding. I see them grab something wooden, it must be the box to the key I conclude. Indeed I am right and the words Homo Homini lupus drifting round my head. 

I woke up with a searing pain in my arm, I look and the Latin that was faint in my brain has leaked into my skin, man is wolf to man, I gasp, surely there is no thing more the devils work than this! I would be burned if this were found to be marked upon me. Flung in full view of society, disgraced and then I would never get my chance at court to meet with her highness Queen Elizabeth. I get up quickly before my maid arrives and I dress myself so no one can see. Grabbing the key I place string through it and put it round my neck. The devils work it may be so I need to see a man of God. 
An image of the boy girl leaps into my mind, who is this strange creature? They are nothing like the people I have seen, the fashion different, the clothes revealing and the mannerisms that I saw, hiding as if they are no more than a lowly thief that needs flogging. I curse then remember they are a thief indeed. They have the box I need to gain understanding. If only I can work out my muddled thoughts! 
I reach the chapel of our house and find the priest. "Father!" I shout. "Oh, Father!" He turns. "Hello child" He smiles warmly. "Father, I have a question to ask you." He nods to let me continue, "Do you know anything about a box and a key?" He begins to look perplexed, "Does Homo Homini Lupin mean anything to you?" He looked taken aback "Or the moral of animal" He simply said, "the view of the Roman playwright, Titus Maccius Plautus, usually stated as homo homini lupus. Thomas Hobbs the famous philosopher would be the person to talk to." I jump up and thank him for this information when his body began cracking and his eyes turned red, "Man kills man, a key for a box, a life for the safety, a desire above all and the unleash of hell!" Father collapsed to the floor-I panicked, he must have been possessed. Quickly I wrote down all could remember from my frightened memory. 
Now to get my lady mother to let me meet with Thomas Hobbs. 

The End

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