A strange mystery indeed

Retiring myself to my bed chamber, I finally got a chance to study my prize. My mother had kept me busy to finish my sewing and my tutor gave himself great delight in telling me that I am house bound for the next week. 
I lit the candle next to my bed and studied the small object. A key, twisted on the way down and the handle elaborately designed with small animals, such that I have not seen before. Are they some devils work? Monsters found in hell with long teeth to shred your rotted soul? I jumped out of bed and on my knees I prayed for the forgiveness of my foolishness. 

Lord, I am your servant. Please protect me from these creatures, that I may not end up in hell where they can pull apart my soul.

Quickly reciting the rest of the prayer I jump back into the bed, hiding the key in my draw, cursing myself for getting so scared and that in the light of the morning and by Gods will I will not be so terrified by such foolish thoughts. After all I have heard of such strange creatures, the birds that mimic in the streets of London, becoming famous in the aristocrats houses- though not ours for my lady mother will not have such a vulgar thing. I have such an urge to check the key, but I control myself. I will look tomorrow, perhaps I can be sly and ask my tutor some questions about this strange object. However one question is keeping me awake all night and I toss and turn due to the thought of it. 

What does the key open? 

Soft singing fills my room, I open the draw and it gets louder. Is this truly the devils work? The key is singing, too softly for me to make out what it is. It makes me tired. As I drift off to sleep, my eyelids getting heavier, I can't compete against it. I know it is because of this dammed key. My eyelids sink and I am so fatigued I do not exclaim as I see a shadow with bright red eyes blow out my candle and everything goes dark. 

The End

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