A strange thing I found in the mud

A box in the present a key in the past, a compelling force to join them. But what is in the box and how will they meet?

A protagonize tennis between youandi and lostatsea.

After giving my tutor the slip, I ran into the woods. For I know he will never find me here, his bearings are as bad as the King Henry's gout. The old fool thinks that I will return on his call, alas it will take till my lady mother or my lord father to entice me home. 
Wondering around the wood I allow my thoughts to overwhelm me, I am to be married to my betrothed as soon as I hit 16 years. I have only met my guardian and future husband once at court, when my father was summoned to an audience with the king. I do not want to be married, but it is my duty to be a loyal wife and provide an heir for Edward. As I become clouded by these thoughts into my unhappy future a glint in the sun snaps my attention. I follow towards it and reach to the muddy pit. Hell's teeth and fire! I slip into the cesspit, ruining my dress that my lady mother will scold me for. Grabbing the muddy glinting object, I drag myself out of the pit. Fie, I stink. Looks like my bath will be early. 
I quickly pocket the object and run home to where indeed my mother scolds me due to my uncouth behaviour of not only being dirty but of running when a lady should not. 
Ashamed and under the eyes of my strict governess I am led to my bath. 

The End

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