Unwanted company

Get out.

I never asked for you to be here,

I didn't want your insults, your lies, your...

Suicidal ties.

But then you laugh,

Then you say 'goodbye' - and leave,

And it's only me.

I become free

From your persistent taunting and name calling and bullying and-

-I will not let it get to me.

I won't let it go round and round

(and round and round)

in my head and keep me up every night.

But I never sleep,

Because it never leaves.

Because deep down, I need

Its voice.

Its screaming, hate-filled cackle.

Without it I am nothing,

Without it I am free,

Without it I am my own person,

Someone who I don't want to be.

Honestly, I'd rather be trapped with an enemy,

Inside these concrete walls.

I'd rather hear its terrible voices,

Than hear nothing, or no one, at all.

The End

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