Chapter one "Exposed"

This story I wrote was self inspired there are many more chapters to come, and the reason why the main characters name didn't pop up is something to ponder about ;).

  Watching as Saad got lashed many times for not exposing the area of intel which would spoil the whole military movement of the Resistance. I then depended on my fast reflexes and brute strength to get pass the main security firm to my brother in arms. I slowly crouched and proceeded to a cold empty cabin I visited before the rescue to hide some guns and equipment that had gotten me far in my daring attempt to rescue my brother in arms and my squad leader Saad Tara. Putting on my equipment I heard a man panting from exhaustion at that moment I stopped moving he had been there for a while doing god knows what. I continued assuming he had left the premises I put the gally suit on with some grassy fake branches spray painted white I moved along the wall remembering the training I had done for 10 years the words Saad told me echoed in my mind  "each step determines the out come of your results don't forget God is protecting you as long as you know your a on the right path" seeking the knife in my frozen pocket finally I had done it "my fingers are burning how is that possible fiery snow is at it's works" I then thought of retreating in to the snowy lifeless field just 400 clicks north was my objective. Knowing the schedule of the security firm was easy 1am they conduct a radio frequency which mystifies the firm from radar of any aircraft or satellite; they then get ready for a few hours clean there weapons and send 60 men to walk around to spot food then they process each and every of the 2,000 guards in the compound. Which is about 1pm after they sleep from last nights adventure then the rest of the day they guard the area of any intruders. It hasn't been breached for over 20 years since Commander Yarl conducted the search and destroy of Resistance intel that showed main military camps of the Resistance.

  I looked at my misty watch which was cold to the point were it stuck to my skin. It was now 110 hours since I left my home recalling what my wife said " if you die god will reward you or if you come back the people and god will reward you" I then opened the door seeing the man laying there sleeping with a white rabbit which had been slain I then took the radio with a nice and clean grab only having one chance because his knife was glued to his hands from the ice which formed rapidly around his fingers. I then slowly walked away like wind flying through the air. I walked for about 20minutes and already found 30 men setting up camp and another 30 digging up snow for drinking water I closely observed them as they went about there business I was fascinated to my luck saad was being held there in that very camp "Praise to God" I murmured as I set camp not to far off but enough to stalk them from a secure distance.

  I was debating to my self for a bit and slept as I bored myself. A loud noise raced through the field of the snowy dessert eradicating the soothing quietness of nature I then gasped my pistol and crawled forward so fast that I slide which was not a good Idea my hands moving very slow from the bitter cold I desperately reached for my knife to prevent myself from falling to utter despair and misfortune. I fumbled my knife and slide into enemy site making me known of my presences I then laid there very still. Every one up and alert from that ominous explosion with guns pointed at me I uttered the words that would set my soul free "God save my soul" and sat their in awe I have been exposed...

If you want to know what happens next like this story!!

The End

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