The girl slowly looked up to find out she was lying on a police officer. She gasped and pulled him quickly up as he wiped himself down.

"I'm sorry!" She called to him over the shouts.

"No it's fine, you shouldn't be here it's too dangerous, you need to go, now!" He shouted back at her, pushing her back in the opposite direction she came from. He stood in the rain and watched her run away, then turned to help as many of them as he could.

As the girl ran urgently through the city, she was finding it difficult to see through the thick, dense fog of smoke and dust that filled her empty, dry mouth. She coughed loudly and got to her street, pelting down the road and opening the door then locking it behind her.

She stood soaking in her doorway, breathing heavily and coughing again. She shook her hair and stood silently, catching her breath back.

A black figure ran passed her open kitchen door and she heard footsteps. She squinted and struggled to see then new someone was inside her house. She grabbed an umbrella from the rack next to her and tensly walked towards her kitchen. She pushed the door gently to the side.

"Ah, there you are.I've been waiting for you," The tall, mysterious person smiled evilly.

The End

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