On My WayMature

     "He is just going to have to wait." she exited the parking garage, almost getting clipped in the process. As much as she adored Philadelphia, the drivers were atrocious and she was far to rural for that.

     She turned to the left, stopping then to make a right down the main drag. The drive wasn't long and walking was not something she didn't do, but being late already...

     "I just want a big cup a coffee." she whined.

     Ten minutes down the road and her work was in sight. She pulled into the lot, pulling close to the front door with her name plated parking spot.

     "Thank god for priority parking." she muttered, grabbing all she needed before dashing through the door.

     "Good morning Miss Hunter. How are you today?"

     "Hi Lisa, fine, thank you." she dashed down the hall, pressing the elevator button feverishly.

     "Well, someone seems to be in a hurry." she felt the breath leave her body. That voice that burned through her eardrum like a lit cigarette.

     "You look absolutely lovely this morning."

     "Thank you Mister Daniels." she adjusted her position, turning herself slightly away from him.

     "Rachel, we have been working together for almost two years now. I think it's about time for you to start calling me Matthew." she turned, crossing her arms.

     He was just about six foot; blonde, with his hair slicked back in the profesionalist style; suits always tailored to his lean body. Good looking as he was, Rachel was not interested, but he was rather oblivious to the fact.

     "Mister Daniels, we are co-workers. We are not friends. I would greatly prefer in that instance to address you as such. Thank you, very much." the elevator finally dinged, and she entered, as did he.

     "Why are you so uppity?" she shot him a glare.

     "Uppity? Your very rude." he scoffed and the ride to the fourth floor was riddled with an awkward silence.

The End

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