Coming Out.Mature

     "Good morning Philly! Your with Kerri and Derrick here on The Morning Buzz on 101 fm. Today, we will be talking with Kerri about the do's and don'ts of dating in the big city of brotherly love. Take it Kerri!"

     " Thanks Derrick. I guess I we'll start..." Kerri's voice was suddenly cut off by a hand slamming on the snooze button of an alarm clock. 

     "Uugh. I hate her voice." a woman said, as she moved about under her comforter. 

     It was six a.m. The rays of the morning sun were peaking through her bedroom curtains, and as she threw off the covers, a very tired looking Rachel Hunter emerged. Adorned in nothing more then a tank and shorts, Rachel's skin began to goose bump from the air conditioners chill.

     "I am starting to regret the morning shift." she groaned; bringing her legs around to hopefully remove herself from the comfort of her queen sized bed.


The End

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