Coming Home

He didn’t tell her when he would be home. He wasn’t sure how shoe would feel about him; it had been over a year since they seen each other.  He had been over seas and it had put a strain on their relationship. He also knew that parts of her life had moved on he couldn’t help but think that she would look for someone else intentional or not.  He sat in the cab looking out the window waiting to get to her place.

He placed the key to the hole; he closed his eyes and inhaled before opening the door.  He placed his bag in the chair and headed back the hall way to the bedroom. He opened the door hoping not to wake her in the process. He saw her laying facing away from the door. He got undressed and slid into bed. He ran his hand over her waist and kissed her on the cheek. She jumped when she felt his hand. He whispered, “In her ear I missed you.”  She snuggled up next to him and turned her face to his to kiss him, “I missed you too. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming I would have came to get you or waited up for you?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”  

The End

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