I don't particularly know where this is really going, so just feel free to write what you like and let me know what's happening! :) thanks x

As the girl pushed her way quickly through the bundles of people, tears streamed down her face and fell onto her t-shirt. She squinted through the tears, searching for help. Help was obviously all around her, just not the right help.

People shouted back at her when she pushed forcefully at them, trying to get away from them. They were coming, coming for everyone, the city didn't know they were coming, and when the girl shouted for them to move they wouldn't and just screamed back at her. 

The ground shook violently as people looked back,including her, towards a large grey building that crumbled to the ground. Screams crossed the air loudly as she stared in horror. This was it. Shocked faces came from all around her as she stared at them all and ran with them towards safety. People were trampled on through the large crowd and the girl watched people crying on their knees because their loved ones had been killed in the ferocious fight for help. 

Smoke and dust filled the clouded sky, they could smell it all around them. People coughed loudly and the screams were becoming more distant but the girl could still hear them clearly. 

It was happening, they were attacking. Not just an attack, it was a terrorist attack. And there was nothing they could do to survive.

The End

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