Comfort Part One: ReboundMature

The blonde knew that she is a rebound, she knew that this could hurt their friendship, but she didn't care.

Meet me at my place? Had a horrible day... The blonde sat at her desk as she read the text. She looked at the clock, 8:45 P.M. She smiled as she rushed out of her house in her gray sweatpants and white V-neck. Before she started to drive, she replied.

I'll be there in ten. Her and the brunette had been best friends since high school and had pretty much been inseparable.

The brunette looked in the mirror and wiped away the few stray tears that had escaped down her cheek. "You can do this. It's going to be okay." She gave herself a weak smile and looked at what she was wearing. "Never mind. You look like shit." The doorbell rang and her dog went crazy barking at the door. "Coming!" She moved her puffy dog with her foot. "Calm down!" She opened the door and was greeted by a familiar warm smile and bright blue eyes. She had a few bags in hand. "Hey! What's all of this?"

"Well, this..." She said while holding up a plastic bag, "Is Chinese food and french fries. This." She continued holding up two more bags. "Is red wine and those really spicy chips that you like so much."

The shorter girl smiled as she let the blonde inside. She set the bags down and got out the food, while the brunette got wine glasses. They were sitting on the couch, laughing at whatever joke the taller girl could crack. Once it was silent, the blue eyed girl decided it was time to ask. "So what happened?" She looked into the shorter girls brown eyes. They were like pools of chocolates. She could just get lost in them.

"Well, Skye and I..." She paused to put her take-out on the table and inhaled deeply. "We broke up."

"Why?" She said sympathizing with her. The blonde was shocked because they had been together for so long, but she couldn't help but feel a glimpse of hope.

"She cheated on me."

"That bitch!"

"With a guy."

"Oh honey." The blonde put her fries down and brought the girl in for a hug. She could feel her shirt becoming damp with tears. "Don't cry over her. You can do so much better."

"You're so fucking cliche and cheesy." She mumbled trying to hide a smile.

"That's why you love me though." It was silent. "Right?" She said with a some what worried tone.

The brunette lifted her head as brown eyes met blue. Before the blonde could speak, the shorter girl leaned forward. Their lips met, but did not move. It was like one long peck. The taller girl broke the kiss and looked at the other woman who was now looking down. The blonde knew that she is a rebound, she knew that this could hurt their friendship, but she didn't care. She would never tell her friend, but she's wanted this for a long time. 

She put a finger under the girls chin and lifted her head up gently. Their eyes met again, The blonde was the one to initiate. She pressed their lips together, tongues met and danced around. After a few minutes, she pulled back slightly and saw nothing but lust in the brunettes eyes. 

Their lips crashed together as the blonde pushed the shorter girls back on the couch and got on top of her. The brunette's hands were moving up and down the girls back and sides until she squeezed at her hips causing a slight moan from the woman on top of her. "Bedroom." 

The brunette whispered. The women simply smiled and hopped off of her and held her hands out to help the shorter girl. There lips met again and they made their way through the house. The taller women put the brunette against any wall that came in their way as she pulled of the brunettes shirt, she pulled away and made her way to the bedroom taking off her clothes and the blonde followed in suit.

The brunette was tossed onto the bed and the taller woman fell on top of her, her thigh between the shorter girls legs and putting the slightest pressure against her womanhood. The brunettes breathe was picking up as the blonde started kissing her neck than moving back up for their lips to meet. It was a series of tongues dancing and teeth biting at bottom lips. It got heated and sloppy. The brunette tangled her fingers in the short blonde hair of the girl above her and pulled. The last thing she says is "Fuck me."

It sounded hurt and raw and so emotional. As much as the blonde wanted to this, it had to be special, she knew it was just comfort for her friend. It was just something she had to live with. She kissed down the valley of the brown eyed girls breast, down to her abdomen. When she reached the black lacey panties she couldn't help but smile. 

She was about to have sex with her best friend, the person that she has secretly loved for years. And She would never know. She shook that thought out of her head and slowly removed the panties and tossed them across the room. She took her new sitting up position to her advantage and took in the sight that was underneath her. 

The shoulder length brown curly hair was spread across the pillows, chest was moving faster, a faint blush started to show on the girls cheeks, suddenly feeling self conscious. The blonde thought she looked so, "Beautiful." She said this aloud and the brunette's eyes went wide. The taller women couldn't believe she said that, but they let it pass. For the brunette, forgetting was easier.

The blue eyed girl left trails of kisses from the woman's right ankle, up her leg and stopped at her thigh to nip at it, causing a moan to escape from the brunettes lips. The blonde layed a simple kiss onto her womanhood, causing yet another moan.

"Wait." The brunette said in a deep, lustful voice.

"What?" She jumped up thinking she hurt her or was having second thoughts.

"Top drawer."

The blonde was confused for a moment, but went to the dresser that was beside the bed and opened the top drawer. Her eyes widened a bit. She pulled out a strap on. "You want me to fuck you with a purple dick?"

The brunette smiled and nodded while biting her lip. The blondes weakness was lip biting. She obeyed and put her legs through and strapped it. She had only used this a few times, but she knew enough. She got back on top and her thigh felt warm and moist. "You're so wet."

"Please just fuck me."

It was barely a whisper, it almost broke the blondes heart how much hurt was behind those few little words. She did as she was told though. It slipped in with slight ease, causing a few moans from the brunette and nails to be dug into the blondes back. She gave out a slight moan at the pleasurable pain. The blonde continued to thrust in and out. Going faster and harder whenever she was ordered. Then the brunette screamed out what would hurt them both.


It was silent. All movements stopped. Just heavy breathing and regret fill the air. "What?"

"No... I... I didn't..." She was cut off when the blonde pulled out and she gave a slight squeal from how quick it came out.

"I am so fucking stupid. I should've fucking known you were thinking about her!" The blue eyed girl took off the toy and slipped back into her clothes as fast as she could.

"No please! I... I made a mistake."

"Yeah you did." Her voice was cold and filled with hurt and anger. "So did I."

And with that she left the brunette alone in her room that suddenly felt bitter cold. "So fucking stupid!" The sudden burst of anger echoed through the room and hallway. She curled into a ball on her bed as broken sobs took over the silence.

The blonde got in her car and hit the steering wheel with as much force as she could muster, causing a jolt of pain to run through her hand and up her arms. Hot tears filled her eyes that she refused to shed. She loved the brunette more than she would ever understand, and she was just comfort. The blonde knew that she was a rebound, she knew that this hurt their friendship, and she did care. She reversed out of the drive way and just drove. Not knowing where she was going, she just had to leave.

The End

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