Never alone

I woke up then, my family surrounding me. But I didn't dare tell them what had happened. I couldn't risk their lives so I could have mine. I passed it off as one of my fainting spells, and it seemed as if it worked. That is, until  Alice cornered me.

"Bella..." she said as she closed the door behind us on the second floor, as if that would keep anyone from hearing. "You're not alright." I looked at her hard, but she refused to back down.
"Alice, really I'm fine. It's no big deal, I just passed out again. Okay?" I tried to push past her and out the door, but she blocked the way. There was no messing with Alice, she was a brick wall. Probably stronger and more stubborn also.
I couldn't imagine she had seen what had happened, since it was in my head. Though I wasn't in a state of consciousness, I could still control my shield. I could control it better than I had ever been able to before and was confident that no one could pass through it. Sometimes Alice couldn't even break through, though I never was willing to try.

"Bella, you were trying to block me subconsiously. I could tell! And I know you wouldn't do that to me unless you truly didn't want me involved. So I'm getting involved." I laughed at her reasoning, but didn't change my mind.
"Alice, I really cannot tell you. Now please move, I have to talk with Gianna." And with that I shoved her out of the way and hopped to the bottom of the stairs.
"Edward would want me to know," I heard her murmer, and my feet hesitated. If he were here, would be take my side or hers? No, I decided finally. If I was going to save my family this had to be my secret, my burden to bear. I could not endanger anyone else.

"Gianna?" I asked quietly, opening the door to her room. She was there, on the bed, looking through a fresh batch of magazines. I could tell by her eyes that she was surprised to see me.

"You woke up." I nodded and walked further into the room, taking a seat at the end of the bed. My legs felt tired for the first time in a long time. 

The End

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