The darkness surrounds me, it engulfs me. I don't know why I don't feel afraid. Though I have no way to comfort or defend myself, I actually invite the black solitude. It soothes me through. Perhaps I am here because everything lately has been so hectic, I simply needed a break.
And then I wonder...
Where am I anyway?
And then I open my eyes.

It is still pitch black. I don't understand anymore. "Where is Gianna, she was just here a second ago?" I didn't know that I was talking out loud before I actually heard my voice. It echoed out from me, bouncing off of invisible walls. but when I moved to follow the sound, I hit nothing. There was nothing constricting me.

"Where am I?" I wonder again. This time, someone answers me.
"You are right here." I recognize the voice instantly, but for some reason, it doesn't send me crumpling to my knees.
"Edward? Was that you?"
"Yes, love, I am right here." But I can't see him through the darkness. His voice comes from all around me, and yet when I reach out to him I find nothing but empty air.
"Edward, I can't see you! Tell me where you are!"
"It's alright, Bells. You'll be fine." Another voice, deeper and coarse, and I know that I should be gasping for pain. But the shock is dull and can't reach my heart, though my mind is tying itself in knots.
"Dad, Dad I can hear you. Please, where are you?" Then there is silence. 
"Dad?" I ask again, running forward through the emptiness. My hands out in front of me, grasping nothing. I don't know if there is anything in my way, but if there was I would find out. All I can do is call out, waiting for a response.
"Dad? Edward? Are you there?" I don't hear any voices, but I do hear something. It is faint, seems miles away, but it's there. I start sprinting, hoping to follow the sound. But when I stop I can hear it even better. The padded sounds are becoming louder, a steady "clop-clop, clop-clop," louder and louder until it sounds like it is right next to me.

Then I realize what the sound is. They're footsteps.
"Who's there?" I ask, my mind racing off in all different directions.
"Dad, Edward, please answer me!" I beg. A dark laugh answers my plea and my mind freezes. Out of the darkness comes a glowing light, soft but distinct. It doesn't look familiar at first, but then I recognize the light as separate glowing dots that are found on only one thing. Vampires.

But it's pitch black, there is no sunlight! I contradict myself, taking a blind step back.
"Oh silly, naive little Bella. I see immortality hasn't changed your ways of thinking," another familiar voice commented on my thought. I couldn't believe it.
My voice came out barely a whisper. "Aro."

"Yes, Bella, it is me." I saw his face now, emerging brightly in the darkness. It frightens me, as I can see nothing else. I find myself yearning for protection and feeling completely defenseless.
"But there is no one here besides us, is there? You are all alone...with me," he sneers with a sick grin. My mind recalls the day I was in the meadow, after Edward had left me for the first time. Our "friend" Laurant had visited me while I was still a human and probably would have killed me if I hadn't seen Edward. He had told me to lie...

"You can't hurt me," I lie in a slightly stronger voice. I remember my Jacob and the wolf pack, how they had saved my life, and I feel powerful. But with the same grin plastered on his face, he says,
"Oh can't I now? Bella, Bella, Bella, your darling Edward is not here anymore, and neither is your werewolf friend. I've taken care of him for you." How does he know what I was thinking? Am I not protected here? A red rage fills my mind, all thoughts having to do with ways I could rip Aro apart.

"You touch one hair on his head and I'll-"
"Let's not be hasty, now, shall we? He will be fine as long as you do as I say."

The End

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