Mistakes made, memories taken

Gianna and I sat at the counter, a blueberry muffin in her hand. Those used to be my favorite. I watched her eat it until it was nothing but crumbs on her face. I handed her a napkin and took a deep breath.

"So, how was it?" I asked with a hopeful voice. Her eyes shimmered as she looked at me, her face almost aglow in the midnight darkness.
"It was great!"
"Really?" I asked, confused. Vampires usually didn't like human food. They could eat it though, and my broken heart shuddered at the memory of Edward when he had eaten something for me. He hadn't liked it, he explained, but it wasn't impossible.

"Yeah, I'm actually full now. Which really surprises me but..." she trailed off as a thought struck me.
"Gianna? If you don't mind, what exactly happened. With the Volturi and, you?" Her shoulders stiffened and her eyes drooped down to the Tiffany China plate. I waited for her to speak, growing frustrated.
"I mind."
"Gianna," I said irritated.

"Listen, I'm only beginning to realize that this was a mistake, alright?" She said, her voice wavering. Next thing I knew she stood up, the chair swaying violently. I put a hand on it and looked up to see Gianna sitting on the couch, her head in her hands. Her chest was doubled over and shaking, sobs coming from deep in her throat. I walked over, which was more like a gallop, and gently patted her back. Eventually her crying ceased and she looked up at me with sad eyes. This was the first time I noticed that her eyes were no longer black, they were bright gold.

"Gianna, please tell me what happened. I need to know," I pleaded. She only looked deep into my eyes, a slight smile playing her lips. I realized what was happening. I felt something sweet on the fringes of my shield.
"Gianna! It's not going to work. We've established that, remember?" Her smile faded and she looked down, sighing in defeat.

"It was a while ago. But I remember it like it was yesterday," she began with a weak laugh. "It's one of those things which I'm sure you have experienced. My memory basically starts after I woke up from the transformation. I don't recall anything about my past life. Not my family, my friends, my home... the only thing I remember is you, Bella." Her eyes flickered to my confused face. "That's because the Volturi constantly reminded us of it. That there were lower beings with powers greater than ours. That's why Aro was so picky when he chose us. He needed warriors, leaders, and not followers." She looked over at me when I didn't say anything. I was speechless, my mouth frozen in a n "O". Should I have been horrified or flattered? My face melted and I looked down, playing with my hands and twisting my ring. If only Edward was here right now...

I sighed, my breath shaking. He would know what to do. He would know how to fix everything. I then realized how much I truly missed him. That hearing my father, seeing that glimmer of hope only masked my fear with false confidence. I didn't know what was to come. And in that instant I felt completely out of control.

The End

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