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 I glared at him, hoping to catch his eye, but he kept them on the ceiling. Angry, partly because he was making the mood tense with his bad attitude I looked back to Alice, who was looking sadly at Jasper.

“So, what was the outcome?” I felt foolish not knowing anything. I had been so distracted and hadn’t cared about anyone else while in my passive state.


“Well, no one was really injured. I mean, not seriously.” I could hear the nervous edge in her words, and they matched her eyes.

“Who?” They all looked at each other around the table. I caught Esme’s eye and she smiled sheepishly at me.


“I nursed them the best I could. Before my, well, incident I was training to be a doctor’s assistant. Back then a woman couldn’t become a fully authorized doctor, so their only option was a nurse. Jacob and Leah are healing fast, though their injuries are extensive. Nessie, well, her injuries are far less worse but she’s taking a bit longer. But all of them are truly fine, Bella, and there is no need to worry yourself.”

I had blanked out after their names, but I could concentrate enough to shake my head. Jake and Leah I knew would be fine, as long as they weren’t bitten, and if their was one thing I knew, it was that my daughter could take care of herself. Though I didn’t want to admit it, she was extremely strong in mind and spirit.


“Bella?” a small voice asked me. I swallowed, clearing my throat.

“She’s going to be perfect, right?” Esme nodded.


“Okay, good.” Though I seemed calm on the outside, I was beating myself up inside. I should have been there, with her. Oh, curse my untimely gift of passing out! And a few other choice words crossed my mind, but I chose not to say them out loud.

“Speaking of…” Esme grinned. I then heard the faint sound of someone descending the stairwell, and I jerked around to see Renesmee with her arm around Jake’s shoulder. It bothered me slightly that he got to see my own daughter before I did, but I pushed it aside. It didn’t matter.


“Renesmee,” I breathed. Her head popped up, her curly red-brown locks bouncing. A smile spread across her lips, a bit red from what seemed to be dried blood. One of her chocolate eyes was black and blue, and one cheek was swollen. She was also limping, which she relied heavily on Jacob for, but otherwise was fine and healthy. I also noticed then that Jacob was limping on one foot, and his face was pretty messed up. I jumped out of my seat, knocking it to the floor, and raced to help them down the last step. Then I really noticed Jake’s swollen red and purple face.


“Jake, what happened?” He looked at me and his eyes perked up, his singed mouth turning in an odd direction which I could only assume was left of his smile. But the mangled grin disappeared after a second, his eyes squinting in pain.


“It’s no big deal,” he said raggedly, shrugging. “One of the bloodsuckers pushed me into the fire. I didn’t get hurt that bad, but it was kinda gross rolling onto vampire body parts,” he cringed. Renesmee looked at him softly and petted his cheek.

“He was only trying to save me.” She looked at my horrified face and explained.

“Marissa, the stinging one, was attacking some of the newer wolves. You should have seen it, Mom. She took down so many people, Kris included.” Her eyebrows sagged and I could see the tears pooling in her eyes. She took a deep, ragged breath and started again.

“I was with Jake, and we went to help. He launched me and I took her down, then he went to help the others.”
”Oh man, you should have seen it, Bells! She practically flew through the air,” he guffawed. I glared at him and he stopped dead.

Renesmee rolled her eyes and shoved him. I wondered if it hurt her, elbowing him like that. Perhaps I should buy her a crowbar for her next birthday, the thought wandered through my mind.


“Anyway, I had her for awhile, then she got me. It wasn’t too bad, the pain I mean, but it gave her enough time to throw me halfway across the clearing. Jake followed me and scooped me onto his back, but she barreled into us and we rolled into the fire where the Volturi were, um, burning.” It seemed to diguust her everytime she said something of the gruesome vampire lingo. I was happy as I thought, Like mother, like daughter.

“We got out quickly enough, and Jake took care of Marissa,” she gazed at him adoringly, “but not without a few memories,” she glanced down at her leg.

“I’m so sorry honey. I should have been there.” How stupid could I have been? I could have gotten rid of Marissa, and my daughter would have survived the battle uninjured. No, I had to go off into the woods and faint. My weakness had gotten the best of me, and as a result of that my pride and joy was in pain, all because of me.

Nessie interuppted my thoughts.


“No Mom, I would have done that same thing if it was Jake instead of Daddy.” She rubbed Jacob’s arm and he kissed the top of her head. Well, I suppose I can’t blame him now. He apparently saved her. I nodded, but didn’t believe her. Everyone’s head suddenly snapped to the stairwell as we heard a thump from upstairs.


“Hello?” A voice called from the second floor.

The End

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