No where to hide

I smiled. "Yeah, a little too close." I looked down to Jake. His eyes were on fire as he growled viciously to the brown wolf. The other wolf hung his eyes, his eyes focused on the ground. I couldn't imagine what punishment was being dealt with there. I patted Jacob's back and he looked up at me, his big brown eyes now apologetic.

"Don't be too hard on him, Jake." He whined, then snapped his head to the south of the clearing. I couldn't see past his ears, but we quickly took off in that direction, and I had to grab his fur to keep from falling off. The white ground, now stained with blood and pockets of grass, was a blur. Though, when I glanced up, Renesmee looked prefectly at ease. I didn't want to think about how many times she had done this. 

"What's wrong?" I asked her, feeling anxious. She didn't look at me, but she asked Jake in a mellow tone. She suddenly became still, her hand frozen on his neck. She slowly twisted around to face me, her eyes wide.
"What?" I asked suspiciously. Her lips hardly moved.
"I heard him." My mouth fell. She heard Jacob? How is that possible? I asked myself, refusing to believe it. 
"You didn't hear him, Nessie. You probably only thought you did."
"No, Mom, I really did hear him just now," she insisted, her eyes baring into mine. She touched my arm, and I saw what happened. And she really did hear Jacob. I couldn't believe it. But I did. It was hard to understand but unmistakably true. But I also found out what she had heard. Edward.

"Ness, Edward." She nodded her head up, and let it come down slowly, taking in my expression. Her eyes started to well up.
They had found Edward, and they were fighting. It was three against one, and Edward was losing. He was also weak, because Marissa had been the one to find him.

"No," I croaked, my throat clogging. I pulled on Jake's fur and he whimpered. "Sorry," I whispered, and released. I noticed that we were at the edge of the forest where I had left Edward. He wasn't there. There were limbs of trees on the ground and various forest life out of place. There had been a major struggle. I collapsed to the forest floor, picking up the scraps of cloth I recognized as the remains of Edward's shirt. They fell from my stiff hands to the snow, and I soon followed, crying out as the blackness captured me. 

The End

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