The first people I looked to find were my daughter and my best friend, who I couldn't see anywhere. Everywhere bodies were flailing, people and animals falling all around me like dominoes. A short boy, he couldn't be more than 15 years old when he was changed, threw himself at me, his eyes black. I darted out of the way and grabbed his arm, twisting it behind his back. My instinct knew what to do, but I fought it. Instead of ripping him apart, I gathered him up in my arms and threw him. Yes, I threw him into the air, out of the clearing and into the forest. We had checked the perimeter- there wouldn't be humans around here for miles. Soon his thirst would take over and he could feast on an unsuspecting deer.

I felt a hand on my back. I got low with my one leg extended and twisted, snow flying up as I whisked the ground. But Alice expertly skipped over the Karate move Jasper had taught us, landing without a wobble on one leg. She grabbed my elbow and pulled me up.

"Bella, Renesmee needs help." I stopped breathing.
"Huh? Is she okay? What happened? Who? When? Where?" I cried, a thousand thougthts running through my head, clogging my brain with worry. She simply shook her head and started towing me to the West side of the clearing. A brawny man jumped in front of her, his arms moved like lightning to grab her shoulders. I jumped on his back and pried back his hands while Alice kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. He stumbled back, trying to regain his balance, and Alice pushed him to the ground, grabbing his leg and pulling. He bellowed as I turned away, shielding my eyes from the horrific sight.

Suddenly we were running away and I looked back to find Jasper finishing the man off.
"Bella, focus!" She screeched at me, and I realized I had been holding her back.
"Sorry, sorry," I apologized. We dodged around Rosalie and Gianna, and it looked like Gianna was winning.
"Alice, wait," I said, digging my heels into the snow. She turned to me with a look of exasperation on her face.
"What?! We need to help Renesmee and Jacob. Remember them?" I stared blankly at her, torn between my daughter and my best friend and my sister.
"But Rosalie-"
"Rosalie can take care of herself. She's a big girl, Bella," she told me sarcastically. I ignored her and turned back to see Rosalie on the ground, Gianna's teeth inches away from her face. 
"Rose!" I shouted, breaking free of Alice's grasp and running the opposite direction to the scene. I didn't hear Alice behind me. She had gone to Rensemee.
"Get off her!" I screamed as I pounced on top of Gianna, knocking her off my sister and burying her face in the snow. She kicked me off  and I fell backwards, then Rosalie showed up and pushed her away again. She stumbled a few steps, then looked up, her brown hair covering her black eyes. But instead of attacking, she froze in place. Her eyes locked on me. 

"Bella?" she barely whispered, and I didn't know if I heard her right. I made no movement, my eyes locked with hers. Did she recognize me after my transformation? No, she wouldn't remember me. Would she? Suddenly, her head jerked up and a chocolate brown wolf collapsed on her, both of them disappearing into the freezing white powder. Rosalie tugged on my arm.
"Come on! Let's go!" But I didn't budge.
"Bella!" she screeched at me, reminding me of Alice. From the hole in the snow, I saw a pale pink object fly out and land 50 feet away.
"No," I muttered, my mind going blank.
"BELLA! Let's go now!" Rosalie grabbed my torso and spun me around as we started running to the edge of the forest. My breath stopped. I let myself become dead weight and I fell onto the snowy floor. Rosalie stood for a second, attempting to analyze what was wrong with me. Her eyes were speculative as she bended down to help me up, but I shied away from her hand.

"Go. I need to help her."
"But she's with the Volturi, Bella. How can you-"
"Just go!" I ordered, jumping up and sprinting  back to help Gianna. I didn't want to do this, but as I reached the battle, I hopped on the wolf's back. I didn't try to hurt him, because I knew he was one of my friends, but I had to get him away.

I tugged on his back hair, trying to guide him away. He growled furiously, putting his focus on me instead of the mangled Gianna. His head whipped around, his teeth passing close to my face.
"Stop! Stop! It's me, Bella! Please!" I felt the urge to bite him. My vampire instincts were taking over once again, and I knew that once my venom was released, he would fall. My venom would be like a poison to him. I bit my tongue and tried to shake the image out of my mind.

"Please, I don't want to hurt you!" Well this sent him over the edge. He roared and rolled over, crushing my back into the tightly packed snow. I went deeper and deeper, and soon I saw the brown werewolf staring down at me. He looked huge, and I realized that I was deeper than I thought. Perhaps 11, 12 feet. I could barely move my limbs under the heavy snow, and I braced myself to be attacked.

"NO!" I heard a husky bellow, and saw a shadow through my shut eyelids. There was a ripping sound, and the sun was blocked as if there was something stopping its light from streaming through. I peeked, and saw something large and hairy standing over the hole I was in.
"Jake?" I mumbled, my mouth full of snow. As if answering my question, the animal moved out of the way, a set of teeth replacing it and heading towards my face. Before I could scream, the furry animal had picked me up by my shirt and I was on its russet colored back, my daughter sitting in front of me, grinning at my bewildered expression.
"Well," she started, her voice almost too peppy,"that was a close one, huh?" 


The End

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