All out War

I pushed the girl down and spun around on my heels to see Renesmee sprinting towards me, Edward at her heels. Even though she was younger, he was still faster and grabbed her jacket to pull her back. Then he flew forward, past me, and attacked Marissa, pulling her to the ground by her long hair. I was frozen, gazing in horror at what I had done.

"Bella!" I heard Carlisle's voice.
"BELLA!" I heard Alice's voice even louder. I looked up to see the Volturi advancing on us quickly, bloodlust in their eyes. Edward was lying still on the ground, his eyes closed, Marissa grinning and standing above him. A roar came out of my mouth as I jumped forward and kicked the smug jerk in the stomach, making her tumble backwards gracefully into the Voturi's front line, knocking down a few at the same time.

"Edward!" I shrieked, falling down next to him. I heard him moan and roll onto his side. Sliding my hands under him, I picked him up with surprising ease and ran back to the Cullen's past their barrier and past the wolves, putting him down at the treeline. When I sat down next to him I looked back. The war had begun. Bodies were clashing, screams were piercing. I didn't see Renesmee at first until I saw a russet wolf fighting off a pack of vampires, with a figure clinging to its back. I turned my attention back to my husband, who was still lying on the ground motionless.

But I was also being pulled by my shield. It couldn't stretch far enough, and with everyone pulling in different directions, even my spacious mind couldn't take the confusion from all the way over here.

"Edward," I cried, "Edward, please be okay. Say something, anything." He didn't reply. Luckily, I could feel the vibrations from his ragged breaths. I let out my breath, not realizing I had been holding it. I knew that I would be sobbing now from the heaves in my chest. I could feel my energy slowly draining, like I had been worked too hard already. I couldn't take all of this stress! Especially when my other half was crumpled in a ball, practically dead. I hid my face in his chest, holding him, urging him to wake.

"Bella," a broken whisper came from his chest. I sat up immediately at the sound of his voice. I kissed his hand then held it to my chest.
"Thank God you're okay." I stared into his slightly parted eyes, which were hollow. He looked pathetic, like he really had been dead. I gaped. That couldn't be possible, could it?
"You are okay Edward, right?" I croaked. He opened his mouth like he wanted to speak, but it fell shut again. His eyes drooped slightly.
"No! Edward, no! Don't you give up on me!" The corners of his mouth twitched into my favorite smile, being executed half-heartedly.  He picked his other hand up, shakily, and held my face.

"I'm not going anywhere," he whispered, pushing his eyes open with obvious effort, just to soothe me. I looked away, shutting my eyes tightly at the dry pricks occurring in them. I squeezed his hands in mine, as if holding them tighter could give him his strength back.
"Bella," he said again, a little more energy in his voice, "I am going to be fine." His eyes flickered back to the fight. "But they are strong. Very strong. Their offenses and defenses are perfectly in tune, and they all follow under Aro's lead." 

"But how can we defeat them if they're so powerful?" He glanced up at my anxious face and looked back again.
"They have less experience than we do, and the brothers will not fight. I am sure of that," he insisted, dodging my question. I shook my head and chuckled wearily.

This was never going to end if the Volturi still ruled the vampire world, was it? There was going to be no peace for the Cullen coven. As long as the Volturi survived, we were going to be at constant risk of extermination. And so was everyone else whom the Volturi didn't like their ways or decisions. It had to end. The fighting had to stop right now. 

"They need you, Bella," Edward moaned, interrupting my rant. I looked at him, his face paler than usual, no strength in his bones. But even though his outer appearance was pathetic, to say the least, his eyes were full of fire and determination. I drowned for a moment, swimming in their topaz liquidness, then stared them down.
"Are you sure you're going to be okay? I'm not going to lose you," I stated plainly. He laughed softly, his hands curling tighter around mine.
"You'll never lose me." And with that I leaned down to kiss him passionately, so that for a brief moment in time, all my troubles faded away. It was just me and him, all by ourselves in our own little world. No Volturi, nothing threatening our existence.
Far too soon the vision faded away, leaving us tired and our breathing ragged. But I peeled myself away and sprinted to my family, feeling his eyes following me the entire way.

The End

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