He began introducing them, one by one. First was Caius and Marcus, whom he did not spend much time with because,  he knew, we were familiar with each other. To his right was a tall, burly man. He had curly light brown hair and sideburns. He looked like he was from the Ukraine, maybe?

The angelic brown-haired girl was, in fact, a distant relative of the deceased Jane and Alec. Her name was Delia.

"She is my prized possesion," Aro gushed, beaming at her. The little girl grinned back at him with a mouthful of sharp pearly whites, but the smile didn't reach her eyes. When she returned her glare to us, all signs of civility were gone. Her eyes narrowed and I felt more stabs directed at Carlisle. Aro lightly placed a hand on her shoulder.

"There, there, little one. Save your energy." You'll need it, I added to his hidden threat, more anger bubbling up inside of me. I checked the shield for the billionth time. Unharmed and strong as ever. The girl's beady eyes narrowed slightly, but she let on no sign of frustration. 

Aro went on to introduce the rest of his 50 person squad, all of their talents exceptionary. I knew that this was exactly why they were recruited; Aro needed a super army to defeat us. And that was what he had. Some gifts included paralyzing (a man, Torius), extra strength (Nathan), someone that could make holes and crevices in the earth with a swipe of their hand (a teenage boy named Carter), shocking the brain causing that person to become a vegetable for minutes at a time (A beautiful young woman named Cecel).

There was even someone who, by smelling your scent, could tell anything and everything about you (A olive skinned lady, perhaps in her mid-30's). There was also the ability to restrict someone's lungs from a distance (an older and frankly scary man named Egor) and many more. But the one that really striked me was a beautiful young woman, tall with dark brown hair and chocolate skin. Her beautiful emerald eyes had been replaced by blood red. She had fed lately. I felt weak at my knees when Aro said her name. Gianna

This was the woman behind the desk at the Volturi's headquarters, the one that was watched knowingly as innocent people had been ushered in to their doom. The one who had been concerned about my fragile state. The human who wanted to be part of the Volturi. Her power was possibly the worst next to Jane's. She could make you believe she was someone else. Sort of like a shape shifter, I guessed, but you only saw her become another person in your mind. A mental gift, rather than a physical. I felt blessed that I was protected from that lie.

And yet there were no prophets like Alice and no one that could read minds from far away like Edward. I didn't go any further on the subject. I was too busy being attacked. Now there wasn't just stinging. There was an odd attack, almost like fireworks were being aimed at me and exploded on contact. A girl from across the clearing began to growl angrily, and she crouched down, ready to pounce. I knew this was the one who was attacking me, her name Marissa. Her curly red hair reminded me of Victoria, and for a split second I stopped breathing. The man next to her nudged her and she looked up, her eyes darting wildly. Aro was rolling his eyes, obviously disappointed with his new coven's immature behavior. 

"But I want her!" Marissa screeched, throwing her head back. I froze thinking it was me. I relaxed when I realized it couldn't possibly be me, I was a vampire now. Old habits die hard, I muttered in my head. But then, who did she want. Just then I heard Renesmee gasp, and it felt like the strong one, Nathan, had just socked me in the gut. I mirrored the the redhead's movements as she got even lower to the ground and took a leap forward. As we got closer I pulled the shield with me, but leaving enough to cover my side.

A nasty growl escaped my lips.

"You will never get to her." Marissa smiled sweetly and sniffed the air, closing her eyes. When they opened again, her eyes had turned a deeper shade of black. It reminded me of when I almost lost to the sea, and the blackness was pushing down on me.
"Are you sure about that, little Bella? That's right, I know your name," she taunted when I flinched at my name. I hissed, showing my teeth. 
"Aro has told us all about you. So I hear you're immune to mental attacks. That's obviously why I cannot break you. Well, no problem I suppose. I'll just have to take you down the old fashioned way!" And she pounced at me, the same time I heard someone yell behind me, "NO!" 

The End

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