A Cold day

The meadow was silver in the december sun. There was a fresh sheet of snow on the ground from two days ago, and no green in sight. The temperature had to be below 0, though I wouldn't have noticed. Jacob was shirtless in his human form, and Nessie wore only a light jacket. Edward, Carlisle and Alice were the first to enter the clearing. I followed in, taking in the scent and memories of the battle only a few years ago. About five, I assumed. No one really needed to concentrate on the passing days in my world. We lived by the day. But this was a day no one wanted to come too.

Alice walked between Edward and me when I caught up to them. Surely she could feel the tension pushing us apart. I didn't think there was a person present who couldn't feel the harsh vibe in my husband and my relationship. Did I regret our fight? As much as I wished otherwise, I felt that the argument was necessary. So many things had been going astray, and both views had to be supported in order to come to a peaceful, or not so peaceful, resolution. A neutral resolution, at the very least.

The reasoning was that the Cullen family and the Quileute wolves would face the Volturi alone. It had been approxomitely a week since we received the letter, or death threat as I liked to call it. Alice saw they were definitely coming, and that there was no time to call in some of our own allies. But we did have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Charlie was now an experienced fighter, as was, as much as I hated to admit it, Renesmee. And she was an excellent fighter at that.

 I glanced over at Alice and she returned a nervous peek at me. I could tell from her eyes that she had no idea how this day was to end. how many of my family would make it out of here alive? Would there be more wolves with the same fate as Sam and the other two victims?

At that thought, a knot caught in my throat and I held in a sob. I had to be strong through this. I looked back at Renesmee. She was walking next to Jacob who had his arm wrapped around her. I had no doubt she was warm enough. In the same thought, I was also sure that she would make it through to see tomorrow. Jacob wouldn't let her be harmed, even if it meant giving up himself. He felt that way about me once. A shot of pain raced up through my heart as I remembered the days when there was a hole in my chest from the loss of my Edward. The hole that was patched up, but never fully healed by my Jacob. My own personal sun.

But then I remembered how it felt when I was being ripped in two when my unyielding love for Edward and my unwavering friendship with Jacob, and how they couldn't coexist with one another. And then the wave of relief and anger when I realized that Jake had imprinted on my baby. And the awkward relationship between the two of us that had faded, but still existed to this very day.

But I still had the warm, familiar feeling that Jacob could still be my friend, even though I was in love with Edward.

To myself, I laughed. I found something to be happy about even in this, the most devastating of times. Nessie looked up from the ground and into my eyes, question in hers. I shook my head to tell her not to worry, and turned my attention back to walking.

The End

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