"Alice!" Edward bellowed, even though it was unessescary. She was downstairs in less than a second, her short black hair flying like wings behind her. She had a frustrated frown on her face.

"Let me begin by saying, that was completely and utterly rude. Even for you, Edward." She grimaced directly at him.
"And secondly, I had an idea about all of this. I simply wasn't sure if I should tell you yet. At the time I saw this happening, it wasn't set in stone. I figured I shouldn't worry you if I didn't need to...."

"It's alright, Alice," I butted in. "I know you're overworked." 
"Yes, but from now on you must keep a more careful watch," Edward added bitterly. I scowled at him.
"Okay. The Volturi are my number one priority now, satisfied?" And she stomped, heavily for a vampire, out of the room. Edward sighed and rubbed his forehead. Jasper  unexpectedly hopped from the fourth stair and jogged after Alice, his expression furious. The room was suddenly tense, and everyone glared at each other.

"Now why did you have to go and get angry at Alice?" I inquired at Edward.
"She's doing the best she can!"
"Well obviously that's not good enough!" He rebuked in a hiss.
"Ugh!" I groaned, exasperated. Again with the controlling! He was such a maniac when it came to the Volturi. We had defeated them once again, why did he have such a loss of faith in us.
"Why are you so stubborn!"
"Why are you so acting so nonchalant about this matter? The Volturi are the only posable threat to our family and you act as if it is no big deal! We won last time, it might not be the same outcome if it resolves in a war this time. We could very well be destroyed, Bella, Can you not process that?"

I realized then, that we were face to face, glaring at each other. Everyone else was watching our scene, Jacob and Renesmee included. Alice and Jasper were not present, but Emmett and Rose had declined from upstairs. I quickly leaned back from Edward's enraged eyes. It was too much.

"We'll talk later," I whispered, not meeting his eyes again. My voice cracked and I said nothing more, but walked away and out the door. I was at the cottage in 30 seconds and collapsed on the bed. But it smelled too much like him, and I dragged myself to the couch where I laid still for hours, sobbing dryly.

The End

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