I was sitting on the couch one day, looking out the window at the melting snow. I hear the plop, plop as the droplets of melted ice dripped onto the porch in the back of the house. There were patches of green sprouting up from the white blanket, threatening an early end to winter. Edward came in the room and sat down next to me, taking my hand and kissing it lightly on the back. I smiled. Ever since our fight  we had been closer than ever and were making it through this hard time together.

I could feel Edward's eyes on me. I didn't need to ask him what he wanted. I closed my eyes and concentrated, lifting the shield away for a few seconds before it snapped back into place. My breath was uneven, but not as bad as it had once been. 

He sighed next to me. "Thank you." I nodded my head, never taking my eyes from the window. It all seemed so perfect.

"Mail!" A voice suddenly chimed from the hallway. I stood up, Edward behind me, and walked to the voice. Renesmee was stomping the snow from her boots and Jacob was uncurling his scarf from his neck.

"Ness, you know how hard Esme works to keep this house clean," I said in a warning tone. She looked up at me, her cheeks pink and flustered and sniffed her nose.

"Sorry, Mom." Then she flitted back out the door and began stomping on the pavement outside. I looked to Jacob, his cheeks and nose red also. He didn't make eye contact with me at first, but then he beamed and took a big step over to hug me. Even though it was frigid outside, he was as hot as ever. I was surprised his coat wasn't on fire.

"So how is everything going out there?" I asked when he let me go. He began undressing again.
"All seems good. Quil is running the rest of the pack 'cept for Embry: he was needed back  at the rez."
"Why?" I knew it wasn't my business to pry about the werewolves, but I still felt like they were my family, even if they didn't feel the same about me.
"Some town meeting, no biggie," he replied in a casual tone. But I knew him better than that. And I knew he was hiding something from me. Something big. But I let go when Renesmee re-entered the room.

"Where's Rosalie?" she asked, unknowing about the previous conversation.
"Upstairs." I pointed up the staircase. "But she said she didn't want to be disturbed," I added quickly. Edward gave me a funny look, but I shrugged him away. Rose had confided in me about something special she wanted to do for Nessie. I wasn't exactly sure what the surprise was, but she had reassured me that everything would be fine. 
"Okay," she said slowly, a smile pulling at the corner of her lips. "I'll just wait for her down here. Come on." She grabbed Jacob's hand and began towing him to the sitting room. Edward and I stepped to the side.

"Oh, wait!" she exclaimed, doubling back. "Here's the mail. There's some for Carlisle, Emmett, Rose, and you." I took it from her extended hand and she sprinted away. I separated the letters from each other, laying them on the dining room table. My hands stopped cold when I got to the letter entitled, "Mrs. Edward Cullen". I instantly recognized the flawless cursive, the papery feel of the envelope. A low hiss came from behind me as Edward caught on. I shuddered as I unfastened the back flap and pulled out the thin, plain  piece of stationary.

"Carlisle!" Edward growled and took his place to my side. Reliable hands took the paper and unfolded it. Carlisle's eyes grew wide as he read the letters, slowly and carefully. Then he read it over again, and again. I became more nervous as the seconds passed. Carlisle's eyes turned to me, and he handed me the letter. Edward said nothing as the transaction occurred. He already knew what it had said. I started at the top of the page, at the heading.


Dear Mrs. Cullen, It was addressed. I read on;

I will be frank with you, dear Bella. I have come to know the situation which you have approached. And I understand how you have handled it. I too, understand the seriousness of the matter at hand, and I know how it relates to you. Your own father, I believe? Forgive me if I am mistaken. And I am truly impressed by the decision you have made. To sentence your own parent to this life is, indeed, a great feat. He failed to mention if it was a good feat, or a bad feat. 

It distresses me, however, as the vampiric world is overpopulated as it is. Even as I am sure that your father's upbringing will be controlled, I am worried what he will choose to do after he leaves your coven. If, of course he leaves, which would not surprise me as this is the path that many newborn vampires choose to take. I am afraid of the life he may lead if he is untamed and in an unfamiliar environment. He could pose a possible threat to our secret society, and I am positive this is something you nor I would like to see happen. 

And so, Mrs. Cullen, I plan to visit you sometime in the near future. There is no need to be hasty, as last time. We do not pose any threat to you or your coven. We would simply like to access the situation.

My deepest gratifications and good wishes,



The End

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