Works out

We eventually figured out that Charlie was causing my pains, and spent weeks trying to control Charlie's powers. But it was a disaster. One day he immobilized Renesmee. She was shocked for a long time, even though Charlie apologized over and over again. 

Edward became irritated when Charlie was suddenly answering his unspoken thoughts. But Jacob thought it was the funniest thing, and every time it occurred he would burst out in laughter. It almost turned into a fight between Edward and him numerous times, which Emmett had to break up. It was especially annoying to Edward now that he couldn't hear Charlie, but Charlie could hear him. He felt insignificant. I felt bad about that, but Charlie still couldn't control his powers. Sometimes he would just blurt out things that any person was thinking at any given time. For example, it was going to be Edward's and mine anniversary that night. I was thinking about the "festivities" when Charlie yelled, 

"Inappropriate, Bella!" My face would have been beet red. Of course, Edward didn't have any idea what we were talking about, so he simply looked around sheepishly. 

But then, it was odd. Sometimes it felt as if I could, well, not hear Charlie, per'ce, but I could feel him. I hadn't confronted Carlisle about this though, because I was sure he would think I'm crazy. But I knew something was different between me and Charlie. And maybe, just maybe, that was why I had felt so bad. I had decided that whoever, or whatever, had been affecting my head was really attacking my shield. That was the only thing I could think of, and it seemed to fit perfectly. But it was just and idea, and probably not even true, so I kept it to myself.

And another thing you couldn't do to Charlie was sneak up on him. His sixth sense proved to be a superior defensive technique. Just to practice, Alice had tried to attack him. I was afraid to watch, even though I knew how great of a fighter little Alice was. But Charlie was so young, and so strong. Luckily, Alice could still see Charlie, and knew when to surrender. Jasper didn't like the idea, but still agreed that she was the only one who could stand up to him now.

So everything was working out. Almost everyone was happy. Charlie was still alive. We were a family with no secrets. The only thing we weren't sure about now, was what to tell Renee. Could we lie to her about Charlie too? Or would she have to lose her daughter and her ex-husband? 

For now we decided that it was best to not see Renee for awhile, even though Charlie showed excellent self-control. We would wait , as we had done with me, and see how it would play out.


The End

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