Let it all out

I never left Charlie's side for those three days. Neither did Billy, when he was brave enough to face me. It was very, very awkward for a long time. But he finally accepted me for who I was, and the tension between us dissolved. I think part of the relief was for Charlie, who was still alive, for the most part. I now knew how Edward had felt at the time when I was changing. Charlie didn't move, he showed no signs of life. Even when I held his hand with my cold skin touching his skin openly, he didn't flinch. Perhaps he couldn't, I reminded myself. It was difficult for me to respond in this stage also, but then again, I didn't want to. It had taken all of my strength to keep myself from screaming and writhing in pain as the fire burned a hole through my chest. Was Charlie that strong too? I could only hope.


Three days was up. Four and five days went by, and it was up to six. Then a week, then two. By now I was out of my mind in worry. No one could give me answers. Carlisle nor Edward knew what had happened. Carlisle had never seen the transformation go so slowly. Alice saw two things. 

One; Charlie would be the ultimate vampire. Because of his prolonged transformation, he should have numerous abilities and they should all be at the peak of their development when he awoke. 

Two (And this was with some help from Carlisle); Charlie was in a coma. 

I refused to believe the second option at first. But as the weeks turned into months, the possibility began to sink in. It could very well be true. But my being didn't believe it, and I went with my instincts.

While the other played with ideas- where to station Charlie during the time and such- I sat next to him in silence. In fact, I hardly ever spoke those days. Renesmee and Edward began to fall into silence with me. Esme busied herself with polishing her already pristine house. Carlisle studied. He practically never emerged from his study. The others, Alice Jasper Emmett and Rosalie, left for the time being to visit some old friends in hopes of finding some answers. Even though their minds had pretty much been made up, apart from Alice's. Everyday she racked her brain, trying her hardest to see what was going to happen to Charlie. And everyday the outcome was the same- blank.

Nothing was happening in Charlie's future. And Edward couldn't hear him either. Alice believed it was because he had the same power as me, to block my mind from my enemies. Carlisle thought it was because he was in a vegetable state.


The End

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