Waiting, waiting, waiting

"Carlisle?" I whispered softly. He didn't look up. I looked to Edward. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, a grimace obedient on his face. A wave of worry came over me. Where was Jasper when you needed him?

"Is something wrong?" I murmured to Edward, who glanced at me, then back at Carlisle. His mouth was permenantly set in a frown as he spoke.

"The Heart Monitor faltered in the middle of the, well, ordeal." He paused. "Carlisle doesn't know what the problem is, he doesn't work with this specific type of machine, he usually has people to do that. I wonder..." he trailed off when another person entered the room. A larger set of hands overpowered Carlisle's. 

Jacob worked quickly, pressing buttons and turning dials before he whisked the machine stand around and undid the back panel. No need for a screwdriver, I thought as he dug his nails under the metal and tugged. A few moments later (and a few ripped wires later), the monitor kicked into life. The only problem was, the sound that came from the speaker was a Single. Flat. Line. My peaceful composure fell, as did Alice's and Jacob's. Alice and I held each other, Jacob backed up into a corner. I felt the rush of pain hit me like a tidal wave. Edward pulled me away and hugged me. How was this possible.

"Carlisle," I gasped between dry sobs, "how can this be? The venom-"

"We must not have gotten it into Charlie in time," he said softly, defeated. Quickly, he added, "It could be multiple reasons, though...." I knew he didn't want to tell me the truth. I drank too much, and it weakened Charlie. He wasn't strong enough to fight. I basically killed him. 

My breathing stopped, I clung to Edward's pale orange shirt. I stumbled backwards slightly until Edward held me up. I had killed Charlie. I killed Charlie. I killed my father. I killed.

"Well, there goes my record," I managed to mutter. No one thought it was funny. My knees buckled below me, and I fell to the carpet. I found another part of my human side as I drifted into the blackness of my mind.


"Bella, Bella!" I felt weight on my shoulders.

"Bella, love, can you hear me? Please wake up," the voice sounded annoyed. I heard many things. The rustling of fabric as it moved. The light padding of feet. A heartbeat, fast and panicked.

"Mom? Mommy? Did she always do this? I don't remember her doing this," the soprano voice that belonged to the quick hearbeat was anxious.

"You should've seen her before she was born, Nessie. Your Mom was one big accident waiting to happen. Kinda like a time bomb! But no, she was a real klutz. And she fainted all the time. Even at the sight of blood. Talk about irony," A bass boomed. Renesmee I recognized instantly. Emmett, I assumed was the other voice. Only he would have the guts to stab at me to my family in broad daylight.

Then another thudding became known in the room. It was fast like a helicopter's blade, throbbing without a falter. Holy Makeral, what was going on here! I snapped my eyes open in surprise. The first thing I saw was Edward's face letting out a sigh. He looked relieved, but his voice was annoyed.

"Bella, thank goodness you're awake. Listen, Charlie's alive. The flatline took flight, and I'm not exaggerating." I stared at his perfect face. His eyebrows were in a "v" and his mouth was set in a frown, but there was a grin playing at the corner of his lips. His eyes were still black, though. But this insignificant detail did not detract from his gourgeous, god-like face. And then the words begun to sink in slowly, as if through a thick tube, until finally I understood. The extra heartbeat. I was standing in a second.

Renesmee rushed to my side and threw her arms around my waist. Her face was too hot when I cradled it in my hands.

"I'm fine, it's okay," I comforted. I could feel her heavy breaths through my shirt before she pulled away.

"That was so weird," she commented, her lips puckering. I chuckled softly and held her again. Then I let out a big sigh, feeling as though I had been holding it forever and a day.

"It happened all the time before, but I suppose I haven't lost it, even with my change." I looked to Edward who was now smiling brightly. I returned the favor, for I was overjoyed, I had to let it out somehow! My daughter wasn't terrified of me! Plus, Charlie was going to pull through. Charlie. 

I dashed over to the table and leaned over Charlie's still body. Sure enough, I heard the "thump-thump-thump-thump" of his steady, yet racing heart. I wondered how far along the process was.

"Edward, how long until...." Alice answered me, her voice clear and ringing.

"Charlie has been changing since before we knew it, Bella. His heart was simply preparing itself when we thought he was dead." I flinched at the word dead. "He's been at it for appromately three hours. But it won't be for a few more days until he is fully ready." I laughed out loud, stopping Alice from speaking. She frowned. But another, more husky laugh joined in with mine, mixing Alto and Tenor. Jacob rounded the corner into the room, his face flushed and his head thrown back. Between gasps, he managed to stutter,

"You talk about him like-like he's a-" another short outburst of laughs, "-a cupcake! 'Until he's ready!'" He repeated her phrase and the two of us ran and hugged each other, shaking the room with our combined laughter. Behind the two of us, I heard Renesmee and Edward distinctly giggling. The room felt as if fireworks were exploding, you could light the room with the joy.



The End

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