A growl ripped through my teeth when I felt the pressure on my shoulders. The noise scared me. I hadn't been that hostile for years. But I didn't look up from Charlie. Against my will, I was drinking his blood. He was my prey, as sick as the phrase was. And I was very protective of him in that state.  Alice's head appeared next to mine.

"Bella, Bella no. Stop." Her voice was calm, but strained. She didn't like seeing me like this anymore than I liked being like this. I so wanted to listen to her, to obey, but I couldn't find the strength. 

Another voice.

"Bella, love, don't do this. You don't want to do this." Edward's sweet breath hit my cheek. I didn't doubt he did this on purpose. I stopped to breath the delectable scent in through my nose, but I did not stand up. More pressure on my shoulders. I instinctively braced myself and snarled. But I wished they would pull me away. I wished they would tug and yank until I let go. But they didn't. The hold on me was released. Why were they letting go?!

I started to whine. This was too much, too painful. It took all of my self-control  not to start drinking again. I could only imagine what Billy's face looked like right now, if he was even still in the room. Disgust, repulsion, were a couple of the adjectives I came up with.

The lightest of pressure on my right shoulder. Carlisle's head dropped down to mine. His molten gold eyes bore into mine through my perephial vision. I looked straight ahead. His voice was serene, no trace of nervousness. 

"Bella, stop. The venom has done it's work, you are hurting Charlie. Just slowly let go, that's it," he urged. He had such false faith in me, but amazingly, I followed his instructions. My jaw unclenched and my teeth spread. I heard him whispering behind me, "No sudden movements." I heard and saw nothing. So where was my daughter? Her heartbeat was not present. I was upright in a second. 

"Renesmee?" I wondered out loud. Everyone was still, just in case I still had the, well, urge.

"Outside," Alice whispered. Her eyes were cautious as she reached out to my arm and held it in her tiny hand. She gently pulled me into her her arms an hugged me. I felt her dry heaves. Another pair of arms were around us as well, and I could tell Edward was smiling.

"Good job Bella, I knew you could do it," Alice sobbed. Her chiming voice cracked on the second part of her statement. Edward held us tighter.

"Bella, that was stupendous. I am so proud of you. The self-control you just showed would take even the most experienced person decades to master." Alice moved to the side leaving Edward to hold me. I smiled too, yet I was still unaware of myself. Would I try for Charlie again. Just to be sure, I peeked around Edward at the table. I felt nothing but sorrow.

Even though I wanted to stay in Edward's arms, I pulled away and around him.

"Bella," he softly cautioned. I frowned at him, but then quickly smirked.

"I'm fine, Edward. I can handle myself." And then I looked at the heart monitor, Carlisle standing next to it. He was pressing buttons.

The End

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