That instant the rain which had only been pattering outside began to pour, the sound of it echoing in the room. But I couldn't bring myself to look at the streaks on the glass door. My attention was glued to the horrid sight in the silver mirror. I saw from the corner of my eye Edward coming to sit down on the floor in front of me. 

"Bella, love, you could never be ugly." His voice was sincere, but hard to trust. The reflection of me was pretty convincing. I wanted him to stop saying that to me. I wasn't pretty, and I knew it. I was regular, normal. The only time I had ever thought I was beautiful was on the night of my wedding, when Alice had worked her magic on me, and I felt like all eyes were on me as Edward and I gracefully swept across the dance floor. A time when everything was perfect, a time when all my friends and family were around me and there was finally peace.

That was over now, and the pale ghost in Rosalie's mirror screamed it at me. The tears I had been holding back fell  over and wet my face. Edward was on my left now, holding me tightly. The mirror was gone, finally, and Rosalie across the room her back to me. Jake was hugging he even more tightly on my right, not afraid to hurt me like Edward was.

When my cries were under control, I looked up at the wall on the other side of the room. I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone when I asked this question.

"How long?" There was silence. The pitter-patter of the raindrops on the roof became all to familiar.

"How long was I  out?" I demanded, my eyebrows forming a "v". Jake was the one who answered me.

"Three days," he said, his voice almost as hoarse as mine.

"Three?" I repeated incredulously. I was sleeping for that long, really?! No wonder I was confused when my stomach was the size of a hot air balloon.

"You were gone for a long time Bella." His voice was harsh now. His face was just as hard, his eyes staring at me angrily. What was with the mood swings here? Suddenly, they were sad. His lips formed a pout around his words. "I thought I had lost you." I looked away, afraid to meet his gaze. And then Alice was in front of me, hugging me tightly around my bulging stomach.

"Thank goodness you're up!" I almost laughed despite the tense atmosphere.

"But you knew I would be soon." She rolled her eyes then they flickered purposely to Jacob next to me.

"I can't see a thing with him here." Her voice was very annoyed. She crossed her arms childly. "He hasn't left your side before today. Neither has Edward. That's why he's so bloodthirsty, he hasn't been hunting for days," and she plopped down  to the left of me. Then Edward, who had been silent this entire conversation, rested his head on my upright knee and closed his eyes. This almost broke my heart. Was he tired?

"Edward," I stroked his bronze hair," honey, if you need to go I understand. It's fine-"

"No," he whispered, interrupting me. But he said it so pathetically, I knew if he wanted to go he would have. How did I get so lucky, that I would have two of the most dedicated people in the world in my life? I suddenly felt a tickle in my throat. I raised my fist to my mouth and tried to cough. It was stuck, so I tried harder. This time there was a gurgle, and a gush of blood came out. I leaned forward, but felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I let out a high scream.

Edward was upright before the blood could hit him, allowing it to stain the white carpet. The next second I was on my back, my head in Jacob's lap, his hands caressing my forehead. Then I felt a kick in my stomach. But this wasn't a normal baby's nudge. It felt more like a professional soccer's punt, and I flung my arms around my torso as I let out another bellow. The pain was enticing. How could the baby be this strong already? I flung back the fabric to my shirt to see a purple bump. Bruises all over my stomach, making it look like someone painted it black and blue. I was panting from the stabbing pains now.

"Bella, Bella it's ok," Alice cried, desperately trying to pry my clawing hands from my stomach. At the same time Jacob was pulling the wild, sweaty hair from my face and shouting, 

"Someone do something! Someone do something!" His face was red and his eyes were dancing around frantically. Edward was simply holding my arms down, all the time murmmering,

"I'm so sorry, Bella. So sorry, I'm so sorry," and shaking his head from side to side. I couldn't see his eyes they were shut too tight. I calmed myself down. The pain was gone. Somewhat numb. Everyone froze. I tried to smile, and the pain was pathetic, but it seemed to defrost them. Rosalie had joined the group, I noticed as I looked above me. She was standing next to Jake, one of each of their hands on my head. She was the first to talk.

"Is the baby okay?" Her eyes were bright gold, and I knew she had been hunting recently. I reached for my stomach as I realized that Alice had been successful of pulling my claws out of my flesh, and felt around. I felt fine. I sat up and everyone quickly adjusted.

"Yeah," I replied casually. "I'm fine." All four of them let out a little sigh. I looked down at the carpet. A rose growing out of the snow. I laughed aloud at my comparison. Not even close.

The End

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