Missing out

It was an amazing sensation. As a vampire, I couldn't have asked for more. I now knew what Edward had been talking about so many years ago, human blood was irresistable. 

As I my teeth into the bare flesh, I felt something in my mouth. It was tangy, too sour, but not uncomfortable. Instead of dripping down my throat, it proceeded to pass out through my teeth. Venom. I knew when it had done its job. I felt the liquid run out.

But I didn't back away. I couldn't. Instead, I sucked in a mouthful of blood, against my will. Like animal blood, it was thick and warm. My throat had been like a raging snowstorm, the snow whipping around inside. Now, it was as placid and serene as a still lake. The trees made their reflections near the shore, and there wasn't a single current. With animal blood, the thirst had always been there, I was just strong enough to control it. Now my thirst was quenched, and it felt wonderful. What  had I been missing all these years?

My mind flickered back to a time when I was still human. A dull memory. I felt the human blood trickling down my human throat, the taste of it salty and sick, but satisfying. I felt the pain I had back then, I felt the cold when Edward touched me. And the heat when Jacob hugged my fragile body. It was difficult to remember back then, but it felt like I was there, on the white couch in the Cullen's sitting room.

The End

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