His head snapped up, his eyes probing my face. My confidence didn't waver a bit. 

"Carlisle, isn't there anything you can do?" His eyes were a weary gold.  His pale face looked translucent, even more so than the Volturi. He looked from me to Charlie, and me to Charlie. I knew Charlie was beyond mortal help. I wish my shield could prevent physical damage also. I wish I could keep Charlie in the bubble, behind a plexi-glass window locked in a vault with the worlds absolute best doctors to heal him, though I doubted there were many doctors better or more practiced than Carlisle. But while Charlie was just lying there, frail and unmoving, it seemed hopeless. Then the thought hit me. Not completely hopeless. Carlisle's eyes suddenly sparked on fire, the hard  topaz beginning to melt. He had the same idea as me. I heard Edward's even breaths catch as he heard Carlisle's thoughts, and his grip on me tightened.

"Carlisle," he growled softly behind me. His face was hard as he stared fiercely at his father. What was he thinking now? I became furious fast.

"What, Edward, you think Charlie dying is better?! My father, he's my father, Edward." My voice cracked on the word father, but I stayed composed. Edward looked down at me gently and looked into my eyes with the same gentleness, his voice and face becoming sweeter.

"Do you realize what you'll put him through, love? Your father will not have the same control as you Bella. He might very well be a a monster, he might kill people. He might kill people you know. Do you want him to have to live with that guilt? I know you want to keep him, so to speak, but sometimes you must just , well, let go." I broke inside.

"Is that what you would have done Edward. Just let me go?" His face became contorted with pain. His mouth just hung open in an "O", words wanting to come out, but being blocked by an invisible force. 

"Bella," a soprano voice rung out from across the room. Everyone's eyes flickered to Alice who was sprawled out across Charlie's body. Everyone was holding her the next second, trying to peel her away from Charlie's body. Everyone except me, for Edward would not allow me to see. What was going on? Then there was a sudden rapid beeping on a tall monitor next to the table. When did that get there? Carlisle was trying to shove the bodies out of the way. I sped forward and helped. I wrapped my hands around Emmett's waist and tugged. My hands barely clung on to each other, he was so wide and muscular. My knee deliberately rose to push on the back of his knees, and my brother fell back into my arms. I lay him as gently as I could, while trying to rush, on the floor and pushed him away from the havoc. I made my way around the table to Alice who was still draped over Charlie's bloody body. At first I thought she was giving into the feeding frenzy, like it seemed everyone was attempting to do. But then her head snapped up, her hair bouncing on end with the movement. Her eyes were glazed over with no expression, but her mouth was hanging open, like she was trying to tell me something, and then she looked back down to Charlie. I saw it now.

My father's body was shaking violently. I must not have noticed it, the motion being so slight to my new body. But when I could see it , I could tell he was dying. Carlisle was working over his head again, trying to get Charlie to respond to his frantic cries. All I could see was the white of Charlie's eyes, his mouth open a crack, his face whiter than snow.

I realized that I, too, was shaking. I wasn't in control of my body anymore, almost like Charlie and I were one. I couldn't breathe either. I was too hot. I felt clammy, almost as if I was sweating. This was too much, too hard. Charlie was practically jumping up and down on the table. I heard a creak as one of the table legs broke. I lunged to catch it before the table collapsed with Charlie following, but Emmett was on the floor, one elbow on the hardwood and his hand supporting the splintered wood. I tried to smile at him, to say thank you, but the muscles in my face weren't cooperating. I simply returned to gaze in horror at the bouncing corpse on the bed sheets. 

"Carlisle!" Edward yelled from across the table, his arms restraining Charlie's legs. His face was frustrated as he glared at his father, his arms working hard to keep my father still. Carlisle turned to me.

"Bella? Should I do it? Should I turn him?" I gaped in horror at his request. It sounded so much worse when it came from him. My eyes flickered to Alice. I only saw her jet black hair flopping as she grasped Charlie's arms. Her voice came out from underneath;

"Bella, it's happening. It can go either way now, but he doesn't have any, more, time!" she grunted, one hand slipping from Charlie's left arm. Jasper was there to replace it. I now looked to Edward for guidance.

"Bella, love, it is your choice, not mine." His voice was kind, but his eyes were panicked. I could only imagine what he was hearing now. Screaming, wailing, begging for mercy from the pain? Or was it nothing? Pure silence, as quiet as the desert wind? Perhaps that was the worst sound of all....

"Bella!" Alice shrieked as she released Charlie's arm and flew backwards. Rosalie was there to catch her, but she still looked horrified. She looked weak, fragile even. Her eyes were a violent shade of blood-red. For a splint-second I wondered how many days it had been since she fed last. But my attention was returned to Charlie when she cried out,

"Five seconds until his brain and heart shut down!" I looked to Carlisle and nodded, not thinking or caring about what could be. All that mattered was now was saving Charlie so he could stay with us, with me. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper were gone. I figured they wouldn't be able to handle this next part. Renesmee's hand was on my shoulder then, a syringe in her other hand. I glanced around.

"Where's Jacob?" He would never leave her side at a time like this.

"He couldn't take it. He phased with Leah and Kris and left. The others couldn't handle it either except for-"

"Except for me," a familiar voice interrupted her. I looked across the table and down to see a tan face with long black hair sitting in a chair reaching up to the table. Billy. I didn't know when he arrived at the party, but I was overjoyed to see him here. Shakily, he placed both his hands on the armrests of the chair with a tight grip and pushed up. He rose above the table now. Edward was right behind him, but the old man waved him off.

"I'm not that crippled, just tell me where to put this needle. I can't let Charlie- even if he will be a-" Edward pointed to  a spot on Charlie's side and Billy nodded his head solemly.

"And you're sure this will save him?" He looked to the head of the table where Carlisle stood ready. 

"As sure  as I'll ever be." And then Carlisle looked at me, his eyes pleading. "I've never had a patient of mine die, mind you." A small smile played on his lips. But it disappeared in a second.

"We need your help, Bella. If it becomes too much, you know what to do. You can do it. I know you can." And with that, he bent his head down and sunk his teeth into Charlie's flesh.

The End

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