How do you mend a broken heart?

I did not realize it, but the piercing scream came from me as a speeding bullet raced towards my daughter who was standing protectively in front of my father. Her skin was strong, but not impenitrable. Her face was a mask of horror. I had never seen her so scared, it broke my dead heart. And the worst part was that I couldn't  do anything, it was too late. I couldn't move. 

Suddenly a shadow was cast over my head. Something brushed the top of my head and I flinched. A giant wolf was hurtling towards my daughter, and she was knocked to the ground, shock plain in her face as the little metal bullet raced past her face.

The next thing I knew, Alice was on the hooded man's back before he could get another shot out. The man looked startled at the goddess-like woman who had him on the ground ripped the gun out of his hand. I considered running to her, but she didn't need any help. She had the man pinned on the ground, the gun nothing but shattered silver pieces on the cold black ground. I looked to my right. Jacob was in human form and had Nessie cradled in his arms, their heads so close their foreheads were touching and he was murmmering something to her. And last, Charlie was on the ground on his back, I assumed the pressure of the giant mammal had knocked him back.

 My brain registered it before my eyes did. But then they saw a dark red stain on the left of his chest against the dark blue of his cop shirt, right above his police badge. I was at his side in a second.

"ALICE!" I shrieked, not being able to disguise my voice of the horror. I couldn't find my breath. I didn't want to find my breath. I knew I could handle the smell of his blood. He was my father. There wasn't anyone who was more safe with me than he was. But I didn't want to breathe, for then I could smell the life pouring out of him. Alice was at my side, cell phone in her hand. She was whispering something frantically into the receiver. 

"Carlisle said you have to put pressure on the wound," she said closing the phone.

"But it's from his heart, Alice!" I cried, confused and worried.

"Bella don't argue with me, I'm not a doctor but I know we need to stop the bleeding or it will be over for Charlie, I can see it." Her eyes were hard and serious, and I knew she had seen this coming. I was frozen again, my hands nothing but useless rock. I wouldn't  be gentle enough to stop any bleeding, so Alice replaced my unmoving hands.

"A-Alice, are you o-ok?" I stammered, trying to get the words out. SHe didn't look at me, her eyes stuck on Charlie's dying body. Her hands moved swiftly as she went to tear off a piece of her dress. I quickly handed her my jacket. Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. I guessed that she had been holding it. Her eyes slowly opened into slits, and she spoke softly.

"I'm fine, it's Nessie you need to worry about." I looked away from Alice's back to see my daughter approaching, hands crossed against her chest and eyes open wide. They were bloodshot and full of tears overflowing onto her face. Jake was right behind her holding onto her shoulders with a taut grip, restraining her. My throat was sore and scratchy and my voice sounded like paper crackling.

"Nessie, you need to go if you can't handle this. Trust me." Her eyes grew wide and lead to my face. I could see the thirst in her eyes, how much she wanted Charlie. How the desire was almost overwhelming her ability to hold back. As much as I knew this wasn't good for her, I didn't want her to leave, I needed her here, next to me. 

"Mom," she whispered, her voice cracking also, "I can handle this. I'm not going to kill my own grandpa." Her laugh was in gasps, and I could tell she was trying to brighten the mood. I didn't work. Suddenly Jacob lifted his nose in the air and sniffed twice. It scrunched up and his face contorted as if he just ate something sour. 

"Oh, great, the bloodsucker is here." Renesmee twisted in his arms and gave him a nasty grimace. He immediately looked apologetic. 

"Sorry, sorry," he muttered, "force of habit."

The End

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