Sweet Sixteen

Back at Renesmee's party~


I leaned back in Edward's arms at the sight of Nessie and Jake kissing. It wasn't something that repulsed me, but the sight of it wasn't too pleasant. I looked at Edward's hard face above me and knew his feelings mirrored mine.

"I know this is awkward for you guys, but she is growing up. You know you can't stop that," Alice's cheery voice said from behind us. I glanced back to see her leaning on the counter, her face practically next to ours. I smiled and went around the side to join her, leaning on the table. Only granite was strong enough to hold us up.

"I know she is, and we would never try to stop it," I rebuked fiercely. Carlisle had the notion so many years ago to try injecting vampire venom into my non-venomous daughter. We all knew our venom was lethal to the werewolves, but since Nessie was already part vampire and just similar to the wolves....

But we had no idea what the consequences would be and we were absolutely not willing to take the chance on Renesmee. Such a thing could have the potential to be disasterous. 

Then Edward turned around to face us, a pained look on his face.

"Jake is thinking dirty again," his voice strained. I cautiously looked over to the couch to see them laying down, Nessie on top of Jake kissing him passionately...

I didn't try to hide my disgust. "Jacob Black please! Could you try to tone it down for my sake?!" I looked at him in disbelief. He lifted Nessie up with one hand laughing heavily. Nessie glared at me with her lips puckered and eyebrows forming a V. 

"Mom!" she whined. Jacob was able to control his laughter to snickers and put his long arm around her shoulders. They both looked at me, their mouths forming a grin. I grinned back at them,  showing my teeth; a warning not to let things get out of hand. By the way they turned away from me I believed they understood. Suddenly a petite, muscley girl with thick black hair bounded in the room with a box, followed by an older woman with graying hair and soft eyes an adult who looked like she was in her twenties with short black hair carrying multicolored balloons.

"Hey Kris! Oh, Emily, Leah!" Alice shrieked an hopped down the kitchen steps to meet the guests. I followed with the same amount of enthusiasm to greet Emily and Leah. Alice was already done hugging them and now was attacking the petite Kris who was even more excited than Alice. How was that even possible? My smile grew wider as I let the women in, sliding shut the door behind them.

"Oh, it's so great that you could come," I thanked them as I hugged them and took the balloons.

"It's no problem at all," the older woman said with a sincere tone. "Kris wanted us to come with her and to see everyone." She gestured to the crowd lining the room. Emmett and Jasper were perched on the plush white couch in front of the flat-screen plasma watching a football game intently. Rosalie was in the kitchen with Esme, cooking for the guests. Alice was sitting on the armrest of the loveseat where Kris was squished in between Nessie and Jake. Carlisle was sitting at the counter talking quietly with Edward. I swerved back to look at them. 

"Emily I haven't seen you in so long! I'm just so happy that you could make it. And you too Leah! How's Dave doing?" I asked looking around the short haired woman, but seeing no one. Leah didn't seem concerned by his not being there.

She still smiled. "Oh, he's just picking up some of the other people from La Push. We figured it would be more efficient to carpool. But he says he's more "down with the kids" than I am, so he's getting them," she added in a hushed tone. I chuckled. Dave was perfect for Leah. Before, Leah had never believed she would imprint, for being the only female werewolf was unknown territory.

David Brownfoot was a scientist who was born in La Push then moved away to go to college. When he came back to visit his last remaining relatives, the Clearwaters (who were his cousins by marriage), he met Leah for the first time. Even though Dave was eight years older than Leah, neither of them really cared. And yes, Dave did know about the werewolves. He even knew some about the vampires, but  only on a need-to-know basis. Speaking of need-to-know, I excused myself and rushed over to Edward.

"Edward, where's Charlie?" Before I had assumed he was running late, but he really should have been to the house by now seeing as he was closest. A tiny morsel of fear and worry crept into my mind. Edward's expression remained casual, though his eyes shouted something else.

"I sure he is fine, Bella, love. He is probably simply running a bit late." He reassured me as he ran his hand up and down my arm.

I sighed. "Yes, that is what I thought too, but-" 

"Bella!" Alice grabbed my arm and yanked me away from my husband. Her eyes were wide. She grasped my elbow and pulled me out of the room. I looked back at Edward with an expression that said, don't follow us. When we reached the tall grass outside in the front yard, she stopped and glared at me, her mouth in a tight line. That morsel of worry and fear grew, overtaking my mind. I couldn't take my eyes away from her nervous face. 

"Charlie," was all she whispered before I took off running. I headed straight to the forest line, jumping over the bushes that lined the driveway and flew through the trees. I could sense Alice on my heels, her feet gliding over the rocks and twigs, mine barreling through. Three seconds had passed and I was at the highway. Alice was beside me. I asked her the question I dreaded an answer from.

"What happened?" There was no reply from the pixie next to me. I stopped in my tracks an gripped her arms tightly. "What happened!" I asked more forcefully, and she just stared into my eyes. I loosened my grip and let my arms fall. Her face softened.

"Thank you." She smoothed the shoulders of her blue satin dress then peered into my eyes again. "Nothing yet, but soon. I saw....He was on duty. I don't know where his backup was. There was a robbery at the deli on 34th Street. He had the man cornered, but he wasn't quick enough, he..." she trailed off. My frozen, dead heart dropped. My eyes would have pricked if they could.

"How much time?" my voice broke. Her gold eyes grew cold and her red lips dropped to a frown. She stared straight at me while her eyes became glassy. A few seconds later, she flinched and opened her mouth.

"The robbery just occurred, I imagine it gives us about three minutes until..." she didn't have to finish.

The End

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