When the smoke clears

Jacob and Renesmee returned two weeks later. By then we were positive the Volturi we not coming back. They had lost Demetri, Heidi, Corin, Felix, Chelsea, Afton, Renata, and Santiago, as well as half the other members of the guard. Jane and Alec, Aro, Marcus, and Caius and their wives were all that was left of their core. Though Jane had recieved irreversible damage thanks to Kate. They had left before they could retrieve the body parts of their comrads, so their confidence was broken. Plus, Alice was on red alert for any sign of their return.

Garrett was the one hurt most for our side, with all of his body disassembled. Others with minor injuries were Tanya of the Denali coven, Stefan of the Romanians, Tia of the Egyptian Coven, and Senna of the Amazon Coven. But thankfully, none of the damage was permanent, and everyone was able to leave in the next week. 

Jacob had been heartbroken to find Sam gone. Luckily, if that's what you would call it, Sam had been too week when he was killed so he had changed back into human form. The other two boys were also in human form, so they could have a proper funeral in La Push. That was  all we could give them in honor of their sacrifice. Jacob was now faced with the responsibility of being the pack leader of the wolves in La Push. With this, he reunited the two packs; his pack of Leah, Seth, Quil, and Embry and Sam's former pack; Paul, Jared, Collin, and the new wolves, Donnie, Bill, and Quentin.

When Jacob got home, the first thing he did was go to see Emily. He told me it was now his job so keep her safe and happy, as Sam would have wanted it. I agreed completely. When he returned to our house he wouldn't say anything. He wouldn't tell us what happened with her, or how she was. When I was able to, I asked Leah. She said, or didn't say rather, the same. It was in eight months that we learned her secret, that she was pregnant from a month before the fight. 

Kris was a beautiful baby girl. Big brown eyes and long black hair that grew down to her knees by the time she was a year old. She and Nessie became inseparable. And while little Kris grew up, she had ten big brothers and one big sister. Leah was appointed godmother by Emily, and when Kris turned fifteen to Leah's delight, a new wolf was added to the pack. A curvy dark brown pup.

The End

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