Strength comes in numbers

A few gasps escaped from those behind me who were experiencing Zafrina's blindness because of my non-existant shield. I wanted to find the strength to reclaim it, but I was done. I felt it. I couldn't muster up the strength to go on. I collapsed on the ground, crying dry tears and shaking violently. I was the only one who could see now, and I wished I couldn't. I wanted to be blind, to not see what was obviously going to happen. We were going to lose and I would never see Nessie or Jake again. Possibly I wouldn't see my family again, or my friends. My hope was consumed by despair.

Edward was sitting next to me. I felt his breath next to my ear.

"Bella, please. I need you to cast your shield one more time. Alice is here." Alice? Alice! I heard her now, her light, bouncing footsteps on the snowy forest floor, approaching the clearing. I also heard another set of footsteps, a bit louder, but none less graceful. No doubt Jasper. I worked on healing myself from the inside out. Maybe all hope was not lost. Maybe, just maybe we could win this.

Then I heard even louder footsteps, many footsteps falling through the snow, but approaching at the same speed as Alice and Jasper. 

I gasped. "The wolves?" I looked at Edward who nodded, his eyes glassy with blindness. He obviously wasn't as affected as the others around us, but affected nontheless. I found my shield deep inside me and started to pull it out through a small hole of hope. The fabric was thick, and slid through with trouble, getting caught and snagged. But when it was out and strong it had no injuries, and I felt my hold on it. I pushed it out effortlessly, the shield reclaiming my friends and stretching out to encompass Alice, Jasper, and the wolves who were entering the clearing. My friends and family all murmmered with relief as they got their sight back, and then they saw Alice and Jasper.


"Alice, Alice!" My heart, as heavy as it was, lightened by the sight of the rest of my vampire and wolf families. Edward reached out to touch my hand and squeezed it. Alice and Jasper flew through the meadow and onto our side, taking the place where Jacob had been. I hurried over to her and threw my arms around her tiny shoulders.

"Where have you been?" I demanded leaning back. She looked pitiful.

"Bella, I'm so sorry." Her eyes were full of remorse. Jasper moved to her side and she immediately perked up.

"Bella, I've been searching for some way to resolve this peacefully, but I couldn't find anything." She glanced at Jasper then back to me. "We had gone down to the Amazon Rainforest. We sent back Zafrina and Senna. I can see they found their way." Her eyes flickered to the other side of the clearing at the frantic Volturi.

Jasper spoke then. "Bella, is Renesmee safe?" He seemed so concerned for someone who hadn't shown much interest before. But at the sound of my beautiful daughter's name, my eyes pricked as if I was about to cry. Alice's arms were around me then, and a feeling of joy washed over me. Jasper!

"Yeah, yeah," I gasped, "she and Jake are gone." Alice then became very still against me. 

"ZAFRINA!" She shrieked in my ear. I would have hurt if it could have. I looked to the edge of the line where the dark woman was writhing in pain. My eyes grew wide in horror. My shield wouldn't move, I was frozen. I looked to Jane. Her pointed teeth shone in the sun from above, breaking through the cloudy sky. I looked back to Zafrina and saw Edward in front of her. He was on the ground. I cringed. The next second I was in front of him, holding him in my arms. I glared at Jane, my vision tainted red with fury, I could taste hot venom on my tongue. I screeched and growled with anger and stood up in front of my husband. My shield flew out above everyone. Out to every angle, and even beyond the vampire line to include all of the wolves. 

The rest of my family echoed my screams and soon the entire forest was aloud with frightening growls and hisses. It was apparent that the Volturi line was able to see now, and every being in the clearing crouched to attack. Aro and his brothers were at the back of the line of offense, hiding. I screeched at this thought, my sight turning bloodred. I bared my teeth, smiling at the thought of giving these monsters what they deserved. Edward and Zafrina were up and positioned. Zafrina stood in front of me and Benjamin in back, as was previously planned. I would keep them safe from Jane and Alec and they would keep me safe from physical attacks so I could focus on keeping my shield on the right people. Edward stood at the front line with Kate on his left and Alistair on his left. Edward was to go for Demetri so the Volturi couldn't track down the survivors of the fight. Kate, her gift being practically as harmful as Little Jane's was to go after her, and Alistair wanted Alec. Jasper situated himself in front of Alice, and she quickly swung around him to stand next to him. Emmett was with Rosalie, Rosalie crouched low with a hard expression, and Emmett standing, flexing his muscles with a wicked and challenging smile. Carlisle and Esme stood to the side. I couldn't see Esme, someone so delicate and sweet fighting hand to hand combat. But I assumed they wouldn't be doing much of the fighting. They would probably be putting our side back together, literally. Garrett stood next to Kate in a defensive position, and Tanya was next to Garrett.

Tanya wanted only Caius, for he had killed her sister Irina earlier. On the outside, she was composed and leaned in on a casual crouch. But on the inside she was as angry as I was, I could tell. 

Everyone else stood back behind the wolves who were in the back of the formation. They were the backup in case the front line should fail. The wolves all snarled, I'm sure anticipating the fight.

I was positive that we would win. I was also positive that we would lose a lot of people. A lot of  friends, a lot of family. But other than Renesmee, we were all fighting for the same thing.


It all happened in an instant. Demetri lunged forth across the clearing, and Edward met him in the middle, knocking him to the ground. I screamed and snarled, but held my ground. I stretched the shield out to Edward, the fabric jutting out in an unusual way. In the opposite way, Kate ran for Jane. I managed to throw the shield in front of her just in time to cut off an attack from Jane. The little girl screeched and threw herself into the fight. I pulled back a bit, allowing Kate to shock Jane as she reached for her arm, but didn't return it in time for Jane to electrocute Kate. She fell crippled to the ground, Jane standing above her with a hand on her throat. Then the little girl was on the ground twenty feet away, barely stirring as Garrett twisted her arm around. I looked away. By now everyone was into the battle.

The End

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