Comet Rising: The future of the Cullens

The future of the Cullens and the wolf pack of Twilight. Fanfic

Nessie lay draped over Jacob's lap on on the white couch in the Main House's living room. They were quietly chatting. I looked away as Renesmee leaned forward to peck Jake on the cheek. I turned around to sit on a stool behind the granite counter. Alice had decided she wanted to take up interior decorating and had redone Esme's kitchen, which was now used more often seeing as Nessie had taken a liking to human food and Jake was here 24/7. All the appliances were sterling black, the newest form of kitchen appliances. The tile was in a diamond pattern, also hard black, and accented by the black granite countertop flowing down into the sitting room. 

It was a hard transition to the bright white sitting room, where everything was as spotless and pristine as new fallen snow. For me, it was a hard reminder of the happening in the clearing so many years ago. 

It was fortunate that I didn't lose any of my vampire family in the fight with the Volturi. Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and Esme were injured, but put back together again once we found all of their appendages. Thank goodness for the miracle of the vampire body. Sixteen years later and they looked just as they had before the Volturi had come to Forks.

But, unfortunately, my werewolf family was not so lucky. Everyone from the Cullen family as well as everyone from La Push had attended the funerals of Sam and two new, young, werewolfs that had changed when the Volturi came. Jacob had taken the death of Sam very hard and when he came back with Renesmee, he took Sam's place and reunited the two packs. Emily, Sam's fiance, was heartbroken when she heard the news. Especially when we all found out that she was pregnant.

It seemed so unfair that their lives had been taken on account of the gathering of my family and my enemies, for the sole protection of my daughter. Did I truly deserve such heroism? Even though I had never voiced it, knowing that Edward or anyone else would oppose, I had never forgiven myself for that day. For the slaughtering of all those innocent souls.

What did happen in the clearing that day was confusing, and we never fully understood the extent of the casualties until the end of the fighting...until the Volturi had regretfully surrendered and left with a decimated number of their own, leaving us with a tragic mess to clean up. 

The End

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