Chapter Thirty-Seven

They all left the training center to go back to their apartments.  Pan was growing weaker.  Once they left the training center something was off in the rest of well, everywhere.  Through the windows right outside the doors they could see the shining palace in the distance, smoking.  

     "We need to get to the High Council Chamber immediately," said Hardwin upon seeing the state of the park in between the Army Center and the Palace and the palace itself.  

     When they reached the Palace and went through the doors, they entered the Chamber, Pan growing weaker still.  The Chamber was in ruins, coved in scorch marks, pillars toppled and turned to rubble.  The general glow of the room seems to havedisappeared.

     "What has happened here?" said Hardwin, handing Pan to Paulus and drawing his sword.  "Paulus, take Pan to the healers, Aelianus, you go with him, the rest of you stay here."  Nikanor and Alex both drew back an arrow, ready to fire.  Steven readied a spear to throw, Korbin a knife.  Ariel drew her lavender hilted light sword, its dim glow causing shadows on the walls of the dark High Council Chamber.  

     Just after the twins left with Pan, the door burst open and Winfrio followed by two other councilmen, Livius and a very tall one in purple robes.  "Hardwin!" yelled Winfrio, "the attack on Arabanteum was a diversion!  They have caputured Ligeia!"


     Ligeia sat calmly in a black chair in the center of a large room.  All was made of black marble, from floor to cieling.  Her glowing body a huge contrast to the darkness of the rest of the room.  She was not tied to the chair, her arms folded neatly in her lap as she looked up to see a man entering the dark hall.  He too glowed against the black floor.

   "My dear Ligeia," he said, "so nice it is to have you hear in Urneger.  A beautiful city wouldn't you say."

     "The black city looks the same as it did all those years ago when you fought in the last battle of the Great War, Mieno," replied Ligeia, her bright eyes looking into Mieno's.  "And then I believe you were fighting for Foltor."

     "Enough, it matters not," said Mieno, waving a hand at her.  "I'll admit I was suprised how easily you came, you put up quite a fight there in the High Council Chamber.  A very impressive fire storm I might say."

     "I know when I'm beat," said Ligeia, rather sarcastically.  

     "You could have defeated that small army I sent in your sleep Ligeia, you agreed to come just to talk to me!" 

     "Mieno, come back to Civaleux, the darkest city in Foltor is no place for you."

     "I brought you hear because you have information I require.  You will answer it, or I will have the fifty archers I have stationed hidden around this room fire their already drawn arrows straight into your heart."

   "These archers?" said Ligeia.  Her eyes glowed brighter, and with a sickening crunch, the archers were all smashed together in the air behind her.

    "I will do it myself then, if you do not answer my simple question," said Mieno, drawing his own bow.  

     "And what is this question?" 

     "Where is the Sun Gate?" asked Mieno, knocking an arrow.

     "Ah, I thought you would ask this.  I assure you I do know the answer, but only I know the answer.  Kill me and you will never know."

     "Tell me or I will kill you!"

     "And what good would that do?  Kill me if you must but you will set yourself back even father on your quest.  You will recieve the answer from no other, for as I already told you, only I know."  Meino was looking frustrated.  "So kill me then, but I will not give you the answer," said Ligeia, noticing his frustration.   "But how then will you find the answer?"

The End

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