Chapter Thirty-Six

Suddenly it became very dark. Pan kept chanting, seeming not to notice. It was a strange darkness and you couldn't see anything, not even the Those of Light. Suddenly bars of lights shot out of the ground. Steven could hear screams and smell burning flesh and hoped that they were from the other army.

Suddenly the darkness went away, as if someone has flipped a switch. Mieno's army was gone, vanished. Not a trace of them to be seen. Pan was passed out on the ground. All of Protectors, Nikanor, and Hardwin ran to him. Nikanor scooped him up in his arms.

Once they were all safely in the Training Room, Steven shouted, "What was that?"

"Pure Sunlight," Hardwin said. "Ariel knows a bit about that."

"Light can come from many place, the moon, the stars, the sun..." she said. "But what's so special about Sunlight?"

"Think about it," Nikanor said. "What was the rule about the Sun when you were little?"

"Don't stare at it," Alex said.

"Correct. The Sun has some of the most powerful Light of all. Especially when it is pure and unfiltered by the atmosphere. Those soldiers out there couldn't stand to have it hit their bodies that way. I'm surprised none of us were blinded from looking at it."

"I just aimed the spell at them," a small voice said. "It couldn't have touched you."

"Pan?" Ariel said. "Are you okay?"

"I'm just tired," the small boy said.

"I think we should get you to your apartment," Nikanor said with the gentlest voice any of them had heard him use. "I think that's enough magic for today."

The End

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