Chapter Thirty-Five

The first one through the portal was Hardwin, armed with his sword, followed by Pan, who had a simple wooden staff.  Next came Nikanor with his glowing bow, followed by Alex, who had not yet made his own light bow, so he brought the best bow the training center had, but brought light arrows.  Following Alex was Ariel, then the twins, Paulus and Aelianus, then Steven, and lastly Korbin.  

   Arbanetum was a complete battle ground.  Those of light ran around, gracefully taking out the shadowy soldiers of Mieno's army.  "Attack!" shouted Hardwin, running towards the center of the battle.  All followed him except Nikanor, Alex, and Pan, who do better from long range.  

     Pan began a chant, raising his arms over the battlefield: "Milites tenebrae revertere ad umbra, at lux impii homines verberabit...".  Light burst from within some of the shadow soldiers, but the spell was not powerful enough.  A group of the solders charged at the three of them.  Nikanor and Alex took out many with expert precision.  Pan drew his staff and began to fight them himself, his staff glowing as he continued to chant "vectes sol ignis ad nigredinem..." his small voice booming over the battlefield, as his spell grew in strength.

The End

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